What’s Your Story That You’re Sticking To?

by Paul Castain on August 26, 2012

Out of hundreds of speeches I’ve given in the last few years, I only had this happen to me once and it didn’t sit well with me.

I came to the portion of a speech where I told people why I get irritated with people who claim to know things and yet they aren’t doing these things they know.

For those of you who know me, you know its because I was that “dude” and I paid dearly for it . . . to the tune of a lost business, 60,000 in debt, both cars getting repo’d and just about all of my self esteem.

That was 1995 but it might as well have been yesterday!

When I tell my story, I don’t do it for sympathy. I don’t do it as some canned motivational “rah rah” I tell it so you can benefit from my supreme “F” up.

If I can offer one other personal reason without bringing us to a far away to a town called “Tangentville” its also because I made a promise during a personal “come to Jesus moment” that this would be part of how I would repay a debt for a second chance.

Call me crazy, but I don’t like to wuss out on a debt with God.

Any who, you also need to know that when I tell my story, people ride the emotional roller coaster with me. It moves people and many people are driven to action because of it.

So here’s what happened . . .

On the break, someone came over to me looking to give me some unsolicited advice. That’s cool, because most coaches I know can dish it but they can never take it.

The person told me that I never should have told that story and that he was confident that I lost points with the audience for telling it.

I told him that while I appreciated the feedback . . .I really didn’t care about nor do I say things to score points with anyone but more importantly this was my story and I was sticking to it.

I probably could have taken the easy way out and told him that the person who hired me, requested this specifically but its not in my DNA to skirt a much bigger point.

I didn’t say this next part but its in my heart right now so what the heck . . .

I don’t hide my failures from anyone. This is who I am. Tough sh*t if you don’t like it!

I’ve often said that everyone has a story and wants to be heard but . . .

Are you willing to tell the REAL story or are you too busy looking to tell the one that’s safe?

Your turn . . .

Do you hold back, filter and maybe even polish yourself up so much that you hold a little someone called “YOU” hostage? What’s your story that you’re sticking to?

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