• http://www.coldcalling101.com Barry Caponi

    Couldn’t have said it better myself!

  • Roy Schoettle

    So true Paul.
    To say it with my mothers words translated into english.
    Tomorrow, tomorrow – not today, that’s what lazy people like to say.

  • http://www.yoursalesplaybook.com/ Paul Castain

    @ Barry Caponi: Thanks Barry!

    @ Roy Schoettle: That’s an awesome saying and so true!

    Much appreciation to you both for stopping by to contribute!

    Paul Castain

  • http://www.seefincoaching.com Elaine Rogers

    I am here from Twitter (@barneyausten) – was just going to copy and paste the list and pin it on my notice board beside my vision board, then I clicked the link, and violá – the list is there for me! Thanks for providing, inspiring and kicking butt.
    Feeling much more positive about my journey of cold-calling :)

  • James Poston

    Well put everyone just brightended my Monday.

    ANd lets not forget to put our cover sheets on the TPS reports.

    Best regards,


  • http://www.linkedin.com/in/franholmhogan Fran Holm Hogan

    Love it Paul!
    I started selling at 14 years old at a magazine subscription “boiler room”. I used to go there every day after school and work the phones for 3 hours. We had pages of reverse telephone directories to call from and each page had 100 names.

    Our boss would walk around the room watching us and keeping everyone motivated and on the phone. As I look back I can only imagine what a tough job that was with a bunch of teenagers as employees!

    One night he saw me slacking and he pointed at the page of numbers I had in front of me. He said “There are 4 sales on this page. If I knew which ones they were I wouldn’t need you”. I still laugh about that.

    He was so right….the sales are out there. You have to find them.
    Thanks for your reminder that there are no excuses. Just go out and find the sales.

  • Bill Paul

    Great stuff as usual, Paul. Thanks for sharing and for helping us kick off the new week (and month) with a bang.



  • http://donfperkins.blogspot.com Don F Perkins


    So let me get this straight – if I don’t call, I won’t know about opportunities – the world keeps spinning without me? :>

    Your post reminds me of a radio broadcast I heard recently where a slalom skier was describing one of her most disheartening moments : During a competition, she wiped out on a turn. She was devastated to have disappointed her fans, her family and herself. Then her training took over and she quickly got back to her feet and finished the race. She took third in that heat and ended up winning first in the overall race. As it turns out every one of the competitors fell that day. Her realization?:

    They all fall down! The winners are those who get up faster.

    Thanks for giving us an arsenal to help us own that internal battle you speak of. This is indeed the day I’ve been waiting for!

    Don F Perkins

  • http://www.yoursalesplaybook.com/ Paul Castain

    @ Elaine Rogers: I’m glad you liked the idea of having this as a print out. This way it stays on our radar screen. Nice touch by having this by your vision board!

    @ James Poston: I suck at getting my TPS reports in on time. I’m also one of the idiots who hates doing his expense reports . . . and its money waiting for me. Go figure :)

    @ Fran Hom Hogan: At this since you were 14? Gold star Fran! I like the message your manager gave you. Sometimes we complicate the heck out of these things and need to bring it back to what your manager told you!

    @ Bill Paul: A sincere honor my friend!

    @ Don F. Perkins: Here’s to getting up faster Don!

    Thank you all for your continued contributions.

    Paul Castain

  • http://www.graphcomprints.com/ Nick Smith

    Great article Paul. Thanks for making a printable version too.

  • http://www.distinctinspirations.vpweb.com Glenda Pitts

    I am so glad you put this in your blog this week! I printed it for myself, and forwarded it to many sales people including higher ups in the company. Thank you for this reminder!

  • http://www.tdli.net Jo Ann Eyring

    A great list to read. I just printed in and put in next to my phone! We all need these reminders!

  • keith raggio

    Paul: How true. And here is a life lesson I recently learned that dovetails the calling bit.
    The December snowstorm that plagued DC my son-in-law invited me to join him clearing snow on the “Bobcat”. It was Christmas eve and we were raking in the money. I made the mistake of looking at my watch, it was 11:40 pm. I said, “dude were done, look what time it is. Besides it Christmas Eve the folks must be getting to bed.” My son-in-law replied, “Pops, don’t girl out on me, get over there and knock on tow more doors, suck it up this is money time.
    So being the big salesperson i am could not back down. Guess what,, the people came to the door, we got two more jobs that I would have left out because I thought it was to late.
    Great lesson from a Bobcat operator!!

  • http://www.yoursalesplaybook.com/ Paul Castain

    @ Nick Smith My pleasure!I’m going to call Michael later today to make sure you have that posted by your phone :)

    @ Glenda Pitts: Thanks for passing this along. Its a message that we all need from time to time!

    @ Jo Ann Eyring: All I can say to that is “Rock On!”

    @ Keith Raggio: Great point. There’s something else interesting in those words that many of us can miss and its the festive spirit people are in at holiday time. I think we get so busy thinking that because its a holiday the world shuts down that we miss out on the fact that you get a lot of folks in a damn good mood (maybe even hammered :) )
    Proof positive that the best time is now!

    Thank you all for your continued contributions to this blog post.

    Wishing you all a ridiculously cool Tuesday!

    Paul Castain

  • http://ActingforSales.com Julie Hansen

    I was hoping you were going to tell us THE ONE day to make sales calls so we could kick back the rest of the week!

    Actually, you made many great points; we can talk ourselves out of doing anything and I’ve certainly been guilty of it. Nothing like doing it “in the NOW”!

  • http://www.yoursalesplaybook.com/ Paul Castain

    @ Julie Hansen: Too funny . . . you’ll have to wait for release of The 4 Hour Sales Week book coming soon :)

    I agree with you 100% on your point about doing it “in the now”

    Thanks for taking the time to stop by!

    Paul Castain

  • http://www.aayuja.com Devaiah

    Good One Paul,

    I loved it. Moral of the story: “Stop waiting for the ‘saviour’. Go out and create one” !


  • http://www.yoursalesplaybook.com/ Paul Castain

    @Devaiah . . . couldn’t have said it better myself!

    Thank you!

  • http://www.copykat.com Stephanie Manley

    I love that you take out the guess work of when to call. Just do it. Suggestions like this, make life much easier. Thank you for sharing your insight!

  • http://www.johnahudson.com John

    BING! Spot on again…keep this up, Paul, and people will be following you.
    (Miscellaneous boss of Paul circa 2000)

  • http://profiles.google.com/marc.zazeela marc zazeela

    Great perspective, Uncle Paul. Best day/time to call a prospect is RIGHT NOW!

  • http://yoursalesplaybook.com paulcastain

    Thanks Marc!

  • Mlhall50

    Excellent, excellent!  Sure changes the mindset.

  • http://yoursalesplaybook.com paulcastain

    Thank you!

  • http://SellLeadSucceed.com/ Tim Mushey

    Awesome stuff Paul! I really enjoyed this post. It provides a strong message for us all. Thanks for sharing.

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