Why Asking Great Questions Is So Important To The Sales Process (It’s Not What You Think)

by Paul Castain on October 15, 2017

underestimating the power of your questions

Many times we look at questions solely as a way to get information but;

There’s quite a bit more!

Great questions allow YOU to take control of the conversation without being controlling or manipulative.

Great questions jump start emotions. Emotions get prospects off the fence.

Great questions lead your prospect on a path of self discovery instead of being exposed to a sales pitch. Which one do you think is more believable from your prospect’s perspective?

Great questions lead to better communication. Better communication leads to better relationships (Kind of important in sales, no?)

Great questions create rapport and credibility. Do you think people judge us based on the questions we ask?

I guess I could go on and on but since we’re talking about questions;

When was the last time you took a good look at the questions you’re asking prospects and;

Made sure they’re so good;

That they help you create some of the things I just mentioned instead of;

Only helping you get some information?

There’s quite a bit more to this, and several more examples that I will be sharing next week, during our 20 Psychological Tactics That Drive Sales webinar.

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  • How To Overcome Fear, Doubt and Procrastination
  • 2 Psychological Tactics To Use In A Cold Email
  • The 6 Psychological Triggers That Expedite Deals
  • The 7 Judgments Each Of Us Face From Our Prospects and Clients
  • 8 BETTER Ways Of Building Rapport
  • 12 Ways To Put A Skeptic At Ease
  • How To Use “Pattern Interrupts” To Modify A Potential Client’s Behavior
  • The Psychological IMPACT Of Asking Kick Ass Questions
  • How To Leverage Things Like Intrigue, Scarcity, Peer Pressure, Etc


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