Why LinkedIn Is Like Saying Hello To A Stranger And Then Staring At Them

by Paul Castain on February 16, 2017

it just got weird

Could you imagine, introducing yourself to a stranger and then staring at them?

In your defense, you wouldn’t be staring at them to be weird, you’re just thinking that the “hello” would be enough.

Enough for what?

Enough for them to carry the conversation and hopefully;

Enough for them to say “Holy sh*t you sell widgets, please let me buy some from you” or

“Let’s introduce you to more of my friends so you can sell them some too!”

Maybe you’re thinking it would be enough for them to help you should you find yourself between jobs, need a warm intro, some insight on a mutual connection?

If you agree that the things I mentioned might help you as a sales professional;

Then you have to acknowledge that saying hello and then staring at them ISN’T much of a strategy, no?

So if you agree that saying “hello” and then staring wouldn’t help you;

Then why are you doing that on LinkedIn when you send someone an invite and then do nothing?

I asked a simple question over in my LinkedIn group and in my status update;

What percentage of the people who send you an invitation to connect make an attempt to stay in touch?

I heard lot’s of “nobody does” answers to a more optimistic 3%.

That tells me there’s way too much “staring” going on!

You need a plan so you can stop staring and start building relationships!

And stop blaming LinkedIn.

They let you into the party and you were the one who chose to stare instead of interact!

I have 10 templates for you and;

The great news is that, they’re part of a LinkedIn plan, that takes you from that moment you connect, to that moment when they become your client.

I’ve been working this plan for about 7 years now and its the perfect complement to the phone, email and hopefully a bunch of other things you’re doing to generate business.

If you’d like the 10 templates, and the LinkedIn communication plan, come join us for our How to Generate MORE Leads Via LinkedIn webinar on February 23rd.

Here’s what you’ll discover by joining us . . .

  • What to say and do, from the moment, you connect with someone. And I’m going to give you the exact templates that I’ve been using!
  • How to position yourself as an expert and THE Absolute BEST choice.
  • How to provide value WITHOUT conditioning a bunch of freeloaders who love to “friendzone” you! Another lesson that I learned the hard way!
  • How to create a referral machine . . .Even with people who’ve never bought from you!
  • How to IMMEDIATELY increase your phone appointments each week. Note: My coaching clients average 10 more appointments each week. Your mileage may vary.
  • How to use LinkedIn groups, LinkedIn Publisher etc to create MORE opportunities.
  • How to send inmails without paying for a premium membership.
  • How to dramatically increase your response rates via LinkedIn.
  • How to approach someone without coming across as salesy. How do you feel when this happens to you on LinkedIn?
  • How to do this all on a tight schedule (I mean, I’m sure you don’t have all day to play around on LinkedIn, right?

At The End Of The Webinar, You’ll Have The Framework For A Powerful Lead Generation System!

The investment is only $99 and here’s what you’ll get;

(1) 90 minute webinar


The Recording (Sent out later that day)

2 Bonus eBooks with additional ideas

10 Templates

Email Access To Me to answer any webinar related questions

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