Why So Many Sales Reps Are Disregarded and Deleted

by Paul Castain on July 15, 2017


It’s not easy getting the attention of a busy decision maker, in fact;

It’s actually WAY too easy for them to forget you even exist!


Reason #1: Your buyer has way too many things on their brain, and you simply aren’t catching their attention.

They are exposed to over 3,000 advertising messages per day according to FastCompany Magazine

They send and receive over 100+ emails daily according to Radicati Group

They are interrupted 7 times per hour according to Wendy Cole at Time Magazine

How many internal phone calls do you think they get?

How many external phone calls do you think they get?

How many calls do you think they make each day?

How many voicemails do you think they receive daily.

Its way too easy to slip off a radar screen when you have to “Indiana Jones” your ass through all that stuff as a sales person. No?

Reason #2: You’re not consistent in contacting them. You might go hot and heavy for 3 weeks, disappear for 8 weeks while you service your accounts, come back for a few weeks, disappear etc

How can you possibly be remembered that way?

Better yet . . .

How could you possibly build a relationship that way?

Time Out! Reason #500 why you really have to schedule your prospecting activities. I know you know that, but are you actually doing it? And by “doing it” I don’t mean just the scheduling, I mean actually DOING what you scheduled.

Reason #3: You’ve conditioned your prospect to ignore you by . . .

Hitting them with the same lousy “sales message” or leaving the same forgettable voice mail

Being too predictable in that you only call or maybe you think you’re mixing it up by calling and then immediately emailing.

Oh, and there’s that idiotic forwarding of the same email 2-3 times, within 7 days thing. You know, the EXACT same one that DIDN’T get responded to the other two times?

Time Out! This is why you might want to map out your communication ahead of time.

Reason #4 You sound like everyone else and you approach them through the same channels as everyone else.

Have you ever taken a good look (and listen) to your sales messages?

Do you tape your end of the phone conversation and review?

Do you ever compare notes with others on your sales team

Do you ever do an “email” review and critique with your teammates?

Reason #5 You fail to show up via the form of outreach your prospect prefers  because you only “get” what YOU’RE comfortable with.

Your prospect doesn’t care what you “get” . . .

It never was about you!

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