Why You Should Consider A 3-5 Sentence Sales Email

by Paul Castain on August 12, 2017

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A few years ago, I came across a radical concept for emails.

Daniel Pink was preaching about the effectiveness of a much shorter email.

How short?

3 sentences!

At the same time Guy Kawasaki was suggesting 5

At the time, I thought it hard to convey anything meaningful in that short of a window, but then I opened my eyes.

A 3-5 sentence email passes the “Do I have time to read this email” scan. What happens when you open a lengthy email? If you’re like me, and it isn’t from someone you know, you figure “I’ll deal with this later” and then conveniently forget to deal with it later.

A 3-5 sentence email can serve (when executed properly) as a “potato chip” to make them hungry for more. How can you use intrigue and mystery to your advantage?

Similar to the previous point, a 3-5 sentence email can set up your next “touch” Note: I refer to this as “The Reverse Call To Action” and I will be going into great detail HERE.

A 3-5 sentence email can make you less predictable and typical and it adds variety to the “courtship”.

You don’t have to follow this structure for EVERY email but;

How could you add the 3-5 sentence email to your email repertoire?

You do have an email repertoire, right?

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  • The “Social Clue” email.
  • The “Disappearing Prospect” email.
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  • The “Reverse Call To Action” email


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