Why Your Emails Are Disregarded and Deleted

by Paul Castain on March 16, 2017

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Reason #1: Your buyer has way too many things going on and you simply aren’t catching their attention.

They are exposed to over 3,000 advertising messages per day according to FastCompany Magazine

They send and receive over 100+ emails daily according to Radicati Group

They consume 34 gigabytes of information every day according to University of California, San Diego

They are interrupted 7 times per hour according to Wendy Cole at Time Magazine

How many phone calls do you think they get?

How many calls do you think they make each day?

How many voicemails do you think they receive daily?

How many meetings and conference calls do you think they participate in daily?

In other words . . .

Its way too easy to slip off a radar screen when you have to “Indiana Jones” your ass through all that stuff as a sales person. 

Reason #2: You’re not consistent in contacting them. You might go hot and heavy for 3 weeks, disappear for 8 weeks while you service your accounts, come back for a few weeks, disappear etc

Time Out! Reason #500 why you really have to schedule your hunting activities or you’ll most certainly fall into inconsistent hunting habits. Fess up, is this you?

Reason #3: You’ve conditioned your prospect to ignore you by . . .

Hitting them with the same forgettable “sales message”. Note: I’ve noticed a really lame trend of forwarding the same email over and over. How is that courting a potential client?

Being too predictable in that you only email or maybe you think you’re mixing it up by calling and then immediately emailing?.

Showing up too often, like an annoying relative that keeps inviting them self over for dinner.

Time Out! This is why you might want to map out your communication ahead of time. We’ll be talking about “communication mapping” HERE.

Reason #4 You sound like everyone else.

Most sales emails lead with something about the sales rep’s company instead of something about the recipient’s world. This mistake begins at the subject line (which is why 82% of our sales emails aren’t even opened) and continues in the opening statement.

Most sales emails are so littered with “marketing speak” they no longer resemble human communication. Things like “full service” “one source” “end to end” “comprehensive suite” “one stop shop”. Who talks like that?

Have you ever stepped back and taken a good look at what you’re saying and how you’re packaging it?

Sales Managers . . .

I wonder if there would be some serious value in having a team meeting where everyone compares and critiques each others emails? Perhaps you could compile a word doc of everyone’s emails and get it out to the team so everyone has options. I promise you that your team will find more value in that than talking about everyone’s pipeline.

Here’s the thing . . .

It’s WAY Too Easy for you and I to be ignored and deleted especially;

When our potential clients are exposed to a MASSIVE amount of information each and every day.

And that just begs the question . . .

Will you try something different to get their attention, or are you just going to keep trying the same approach over and over again?

I have over 50 ACTIONABLE ideas and tactics I’m going to share during our How To Write AWESOME Emails webinar next week!

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