Winter Is Coming For The Sales Profession

by Paul Castain on September 11, 2017

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In just about 10 weeks from now we celebrate Thanksgiving here in the states and;

So begins the mental checkout many of your clients and prospects experience, as they tag a few days onto the front end, and back end of the holiday.

Then business goes back to normal for a week or two and then;

It falls off a cliff as a vast majority of buyers start with the “Call me back after the holiday” stalls or even worse;

Sales reps accept this as “business as usual” and;

Mentally check out too!

Or maybe they kid themselves into thinking this massive block of time is best spent “catching up” on admin stuff and the like.

Someone needs to be the dick here so I’ll step up;

I for one, can’t afford multiple weeks of basically NOTHING and I sure as heck can’t afford to be doing admin work in place of the stuff that helps me pay the bills.

I’m also a firm believer that people will use Groundhog Day as an excuse to blow off an appointment but I digress.

By the time you add up that time leading up to and immediately following Thanksgiving and;

The time between the second week in December and the second week in January;

You’ve lost 4-6 weeks.

Yep . . .

Winter Is Coming and;

Most sales reps DON’T have a plan for it!

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