You’ll Need To Make Some Decisions Starting Today

by Paul Castain on June 7, 2013

I’ve seen it my entire working career . . .

I’ve seen it on Fridays.

I’ve seen it right before long weekends or holidays and . . .

I especially see it during the summer.

It’s a mental wind down where we mentally “check out” and stop working.

We justify it with . . .

“My prospects are in wind down mode too” or “Nobody buys on, during, before (insert day of week, holiday, Groundhog Day etc)

The easy thing for me to write would be “listen to yourself dude” Needs don’t schedule themselves around the best day of the week, they show up when they show up!

It would also be real easy for me to tell you “your competitor loves it when your lazy ass justifies it with that stuff” but instead, I’ll go another route . . .

If you’re like most people, you have episodes of non decision because . . .

You aren’t making the calls and doing the work nor have you decided to officially take the day off so . . .

You putter around the office, take longer lunches, engage in a bit more “chit chat” and essentially put off reality. Actually, I forgot one, you spend enormous amounts of time justifying why no one wants to do business during those periods.

The result is that you haven’t done the work and you haven’t given yourself the gift of a well deserved day off.

You’ve done nothing but default to some excuse and remain in a holding pattern until either 5:00 pm or after Labor Day!

Don’t get me wrong . . .

I think 3 day weekends rock and I hope you’ll take your vacation time . . .

Just make a decision already!

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  • paulcastain

    An honor to serve you Jon! :)


  • Ken Franz

    Next Friday, July 5th, will be a good example too. Just because some companies are closed on Friday doesn’t mean all will be.

  • paulcastain

    Great point Ken!

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

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