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by Paul Castain on December 19, 2013

I’m really hoping this isn’t you but . . .

Some of you may have decided it’s a good time to take some time to recharge because it’s  the holiday season. Good for you and congrats because you made a decision.

Some of you have decided to kick it up a notch while your competitors relax. Once again, good for you and congrats because you also, have made a decision.

But for the rest of you who are walking around aimlessly complaining that “nobody buys anything this time of year” you’re screwed!

You’re screwed because you’re getting nothing done (and in many cases keeping your coworkers from getting things done).

You’re also screwed because you aren’t even enjoying a day off.

You’re doing nothing

And you’re getting nothing out of it.

Make a decision!

Just out of curiosity . . .

Do you have a plan in place for the new year with regard to bringing your sales skills up a notch?

Our January online course might be just the ticket for you!

All in all, there will be well over 100+ tips that I will share throughout the program! Oh, and we just added some really cool freebies which include eBooks, a free review of your responses to typical objections and a few more surprises that I don’t want to spoil for you.

This could be a great way for you to start the New Year strong and stop that whole “Doing what you’ve always done” thing.

And yes, I discount for 2 or more.

Click here for more info or if you’d like information on the pricing for 2 or more, email me (be sure to include an approximate number of reps that might attend)

  • Pete Primeau

    Paul as usual you are right on the money! Anyone who is considering the sales course; Here’s my advice, “Just Do It!” I did and Uncle Paul could have easily charged twice what he did and it would be well worth it!

  • paulcastain

    Thank you Pete . . . I really appreciate that!

  • Mike Grossman

    Come one Uncle Paul, aggressively waiting by the phone brings in tonnes of sales ;-)

  • paulcastain


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