Your Comp Plan Is Incomplete!

by Paul Castain on October 16, 2012

Until you include recognition as a component!

Too many times, a manager will look at the base salary, the commission, bonuses and perks and think its all good . . .

Its NOT! And before I continue, let’s kill any feelings that I’m about to go into some rant about “worshiping the ground sales walks on” . . . this isn’t about that!

Its about remembering to say “ata boy” or “ata girl”

Its about knowing how a sales person is wired and recognizing them in front of their peers.

Time Out . . .

How much would it cost you to send an email out congratulating reps and ccing the entire sales team?

How much would it cost you to do the same in the weekly/monthly sales meeting?

Could that help feed an ego (in a healthy way) and encourage a behavior that you’d like to see more of?

Could it inspire healthy competition?

Appreciation is a powerful form of compensation and yet . . .

Its often neglected!

Today you are cordially invited to include appreciation in your comp plan and . . .

By all means include it in ALL of your teammate’s paychecks (not just sales)

Today’s News . . .

I will be announcing the launch of a really cool sales management training program this week. Stay tuned or email me for additional information.

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