Your Dream Is Scarier Than Joe’s

by Paul Castain on May 23, 2013

I was taking a drive to my favorite campground (and lending some really bad background vocals to a song on the radio) when it happened . . .

Some dude in a really nice Corvette convertible passes me. The guy is happy as can be (as well he should be for being able to pass my high performance Nissan) and the last thing I saw was his license plate that read “Joe’s Dream”.

There’s something about a person’s demeanor when they’ve checked something off their dream list but this really isn’t about Joe and his convertible.

It’s about you.

I think your dream is scarier than Joe’s . . .

It’s scarier because you haven’t attained it yet.

You might have everyone around you telling you to lower your standards or to “get real”.

Worse yet, you might have your inner critic telling you that you’re too old, too young, didn’t go to the “right” school, didn’t finish school, too fat, too bald, not attractive enough and all that other “stuff”.

Note: If your inner voice tells you that you’re too stinky, I would listen (special note to the guy I had to stand next to on the subway the other day)

Maybe your dream is scarier than Joe’s because you gave up on it some time ago?

I wish I could tell you that all my dreams came true. They certainly haven’t but then again God never promised me a Disney movie life (preferably The Lion King because Simba was bad ass at the end) but . . .

All of my dreams have made me stronger.

They have provided lessons and . . .

A dream never attained is far better than a dream we never had the balls to have in the first place.

Please dream again today!

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