Your Life . . .Caught & Captured!

by Paul Castain on April 6, 2012

We often view our life through the lens of the rear view mirror.

Looking back on things that once were and are no more.

Actually, I shouldn’t say “no more” because I believe these moments live on within us and certainly in our heart . . . but even still . . . the moment itself has passed.

Here’s a crazy thought . . .

From here on, let’s catch ourselves!

Let’s catch ourselves, immediately, in the moment, as in right here and right now . . .

Enjoying the moment and enjoying our lives . . . selfishly!

“Selfishly” because it’s a gift to ourselves and . .

“Selfishly” so that when that moment passes us and we view it once again through the rear view mirror, we can say . . .

“That was awesome . . . and I was fully present for it!”

Today, you are cordially invited to live, to enjoy and to catch yourself doing so!


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  • Sherri Smith PMP

    Good point Paul.  I have often caught myself looking forward to something in the future only to realize later I missed the opportunity to really enjoy where I was at that very moment.  Trying to live ‘mindfully’ – fully aware and immersed in the present – can also be a great stress releaver.  Thanks for reminding me to be mindful.  Cheers

  • paulcastain

    I’ve been guilty of that one big time Sherri!

    Thank you!

  • Debbie

    Will do – thanks Paul.  My sister worked with the elderly and she keeps reminding me — people always remember fondly the events of their lives; never the material things.  Your post is awesome!

  • paulcastain

    That’s a great point Debbie.

    My mom is 85 and she never talks about the material things while reminiscing. 


  • Jenna

    That was awesome Paul! You have a beautiful family, thanks for sharing.

  • paulcastain

    Thank you Jenna :)

  • Joefanelli

    Frackin love it. Thanks Paul. Enjoy/ed/ing!

  • paulcastain

    Thank you Joe :)

  • Pete Primeau

    Awesome Paul! Thank You for sharing. You and I share a common value. Actually two, Living in the present moment fully and family!!

  • paulcastain

    Thank you o much Pete!

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