Your Sales Efforts Accelerate When They Smile At Each Other

by Paul Castain on January 17, 2013

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know that I’m a big advocate of using a “sales mix”.

A “sales mix” is simply a mix of sales activities utilized to secure new or expand upon existing business.

Here’s something really cool you can do with that mix.

Make sure, your efforts “smile” at each other.

No, I haven’t been nipping at the wild mushrooms again, I’m serious.

When a sales effort “smiles” at another effort, its just my way of saying “it points to or draws attention to another effort” thus getting your efforts to work together.

Here are some examples to get you thinking . . .

My friends at Think Patented put out a really cool publication called “The Noodle” and they send it out to clients and prospects.

About a week before it hits my mailbox (the old fashioned kind of mailbox) they send an email with the subject line “Watch your mailbox for “the noodle” from Think Patented!”

In the body of the email, they highlight some of the content and build anticipation so I begin to expect their next effort.

They took an email and “smiled” at a publication!

Derek Hoffman from Bellatoris Consulting does something really cool with his voice mail. Derek points people to his blog by intriguing the listener. He does it in a real subtle way and even tells you how to skip over that part of the message!

Derek took a voice mail and “smiled” at his blogging efforts!

I sent out direct mail pieces and included a QR code pointing people to a landing page on my website.

My direct mail piece “smiled” at my website!

I use the following “PS” in my auto signature to point people over to additional products and services I offer on my website.

My emails “smile” at my website.

Here’s how you can do a whole lotta smiling . . .

Take some time to think about all the elements in your “sales mix”.

Things like email, snail mail, phone etc.

Think of as many as you can then . . .

Ask yourself . . .

In what ways can 2 (or more) of these elements “smile” at each other?

Sales Managers. Vice Presidents of Sales . . .

Might be an awesome topic for a sales meeting. No?

Your turn . . .

How do you take your sales efforts and have them “smile” at each other?

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  • TaxConsulting

    Thanks for the shout-out Paul. You’re a true rock star!

  • As are you my friend!


  • daveg144

    Thanks for mentioning your friends at Think Patented! I usually get a pretty decent response when I send out the “Watch your mailbox” e-mail. Anything to get your name in front of clients & future clients…

  • My pleasure Dave!

    Paul A. Castain
    Vice President, Jedi Mastery
    Castain Training Systems
    (631) 455 – 2455

    PS “Paul Castain’s Social Networking Playbook” has launched! Click here  for details!

  • Paul – Statistics have proven, time and again, that a multi-channel approach is best.

    Keep on smiling!


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