You’re Not Selling As Much Because Not Enough People Know You!

by Paul Castain on November 19, 2014

Webster defines propinquity as “nearness of blood (kinship)” and “nearness in place and time”

You can create “nearness” and “kinship” by making sure you’re “showing up” regularly with your prospects (clients too).

Are you?

This is why your calls have to be scheduled  . . . so you stay up on that “nearness” thing!

Are you doing that or just nodding your head whenever you read something like this? Worse yet, are you dismissing this as some kind of “Sales 101″ and meanwhile you haven’t done this since 2005?

This is why you have to do the online equivalent of bumping into your prospects and clients on the social networks.

This is why you want to send people regular emails, newsletters, FedEx and snail mail.

This is why you want to change up your messaging and offer useful things instead of always pushing for an appointment and/or the sale. By the way that “Always Be Closing” thing makes you a pain in the ass. Go ahead and ask your prospect, I’m sure they will agree!

Propinquity Is Why Many Of You Are Now My Clients!

Because of the sense of  propinquity we’ve established from this blog, my LinkedIn group, podcasts, Facebook community, Youtube channel and mucho other places . . .

A comfort level was established that made doing business together a no brainer!

Propinquity; because when we achieve that “nearness” and “kinship” thing . . .

We stand out in this noisy world enough . . .

For people to consider us close enough to engage our services!

Oh and . . .

Let’s stop chanting that “People do business with people they know, like and trust” thing long enough to start doing something about it!

Speaking of which . . .

What are you doing, regularly to create this feeling of propinquity with your prospects and clients, and please don’t kid yourself into thinking that newsletter you send is enough!

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