You’re Probably Not Serious Enough About Balancing

by Paul Castain on February 8, 2013

Throughout the week you set appointments.

Appointments with clients, prospects, coworkers, vendors but . . .

The weekend rolls around and you forget to schedule the things that are most important to you.

Time Out!

You might be thinking that you do have things scheduled like that dinner with friends or the kid’s swim meet but how about the things that you might have missed like . . .

Doing that thing that you never have time for

Surprising your family with something cool

Reading that book or catching that movie

Having a date with your significant other (you do still date each other, right?)

Spending time with someone you need to catch up with

I could go on and on but here’s the thing . . .

You can nod your head all day long to this stuff and perhaps partake in a group “AMEN” but . . .

You’re just not serious about balancing until . . .

You schedule it!

And isn’t funny how everyone and their mother (seriously I’ve seen people show up with their mother) manage to get on our calendar and yet . . .

The things that are most precious to us, somehow get left to chance.

Here’s a free PDF with 25 ways for you to rock your weekend!

Meanwhile . . .

Today is Friday and you can do something about all this balance stuff . . . if you want to.


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