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I'm not some "those who can't do, teach" type of dude – I actually do both. And quite frankly, I have the toughest prospects in the world … sales people who don't think they need sales training!

Sales Training

I've been actively selling for 30+ years which means you not only get the benefit of someone who's been 'in the trenches' … and is still right in there with you! Learn more »


I am NOT your typical coach! I work with my clients in a very different way than traditional coaches! That's why I created a very different coaching format. Learn more »

On-Demand Webinars

I have many on-demand titles available to help you develop some ridiculous sales chops! So have a look – and then join us from your favorite chair! Learn more »

Kick-Off Meetings / Speaking Engagements

We're going to develop an actual plan so that everyone is armed to go back and kick ass! I'm a high-energy guy – so i'll be keeping everyone engaged! Learn more »

I hate to break it to you, but …

I'm not the guy you contact if you want to have yet another "value proposition" chat or train your team on some over played "feel, felt, find" crap.

Quite frankly, this would be a splendid time for you to stop reading if you're looking for someone to talk to you and/or your team about "open-ended questions vs. closed questions" or partake in some warm and fuzzy "rah-rah" type "motivational" speech.

Looking for a bunch of philosophical ideas? Sorry, that's NOT what I do!

And, let's make a note that I don't do ridiculous "role plays" (especially anything that would require my dressing up as a chick).

I'm the guy you call when you're ready to start approaching your prospects differently than all those pesky "me-too" competitors of yours!

That's where I come in and offer my expertise – not as some dude who hasn't sold something since Bush was in office, but as someone who, like you, is still in the trenches.

Here's a quick overview of my services:

What's Being Said About Me

I attended our NW division sales conference where Paul was the keynote speaker. Not only did Paul's sense of humor and great sense of sales come through, but his content provided many tools to take back out into the field with me. It was truly a sales tune up!

Tootie Mackenzie, First American Title Insurance Company

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