Twitter For The Aspiring Rock Star!

Posted August 31, 2010

Back in December of 2008 I decided to launch Phase II of my “Castain 2.0” campaign by embracing that crazy bird we call “Twitter” For me it was like I showed up and was talking in this huge arena and no one was listening. I’ll spare you a long, drawn out, play by play and … continue reading »

How To Transition Your Linkedin Relationships!

Posted August 30, 2010

As many of you know, one of my social networking strategies is to transition at least 5 of my “virtual” relationships to “real” time each week. Needless to say, the relationship is worth more, once I move it off the computer screen. I thought it might be helpful if I shared with you how I … continue reading »

Sales Acceleration Strategies

Posted August 29, 2010

I received a lot of positive feedback on the 2 minute sales tip I offered last week inviting you to Try Something Different Several of you asked if I could share additional tips to help accelerate progress and challenge your thinking a bit. That brings us to this week’s podcast which you’ll be happy to … continue reading »

The 7.5 Deadly Sins Of Prospecting!

Posted August 26, 2010

Do you believe in Sales Karma? If you would have asked me that 3 years ago, I would have invited you to lay off the hashish, but today I see it differently. Lately, I’ve been the victim of just some awful attempts from sales people. They are so bad they make those crazy emails you … continue reading »

Try Something Different Dude!

Posted August 25, 2010

Sorry to interrupt your evening, but I wanted to catch you before you start your day tomorrow. Here’s a 2 minute tip that I believe can make a profound difference for you. Scroll down, check it out and most of all . . . Take Action! Rock on! Powered by Download this episode (right … continue reading »

Is That All You Got?

Posted August 24, 2010

I quietly approached one of the sales reps in the office. I was careful not to alert him of my presence because I wanted to observe him in his natural habitat. I no sooner made it to the cubicle behind him (admittedly I might have been humming the James Bond theme) when he completed the … continue reading »

Castain's Back To School Challenge!

Posted August 22, 2010

It was the great Jack Welch who said “An organization’s ability to learn, rapidly and translate that learning into action is the ultimate competitive advantage” While I’ll be the first to yell “heck yes Jack” and perhaps head butt some people to burn off the adrenaline, studies tell us we are missing the mark big … continue reading »

Email Free Fridays!

Posted August 18, 2010

Fran walked entered my office with a look on her face that said “Paul you are about to get schooled” or she was in the process of smelling something foul. She closed the door and said “Paul, who are we?” Embracing my inner “smart ass” I said, “I’m Paul Castain, you’re Fran and its OK … continue reading »

The Moonlighting Strategy!

Posted August 16, 2010

On this week’s Sales Playbook Podcast, I share a strategy that has served me well for the last 15 years. More importantly, I answer the age old question “Castain, how do you find time for all this crazy Social Media stuff?” Download this episode (right click and save) To check out my ridiculously cool Linkedin … continue reading »

When Your Success Goes MIA!

Posted August 11, 2010

I needed to sort some things out the other day and decided to go back to the place where my journey first began 27 years ago. I went back to the Football field where along with my classmates, I threw my cap in the air and set out to put a ding in my portion … continue reading »

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