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Why (And How) I’m Working On The Weekends

Posted September 21, 2019

If you’ve followed me for a while, you know that I despise the “hustle porn” crowd. You know, the ones who brag about still being in the office at 10:45 pm, getting up at 3:00 am, and how weekends are for lightweights! I do think there are seasonal exceptions! Take this time of year for … continue reading »

Blaming Your Boss Is A Bullsh*t Excuse!

Posted September 20, 2019

If you aren’t in the mood for a little tough love today; Now would be a splendid time to go and read something warm and fuzzy instead. Consider yourself forewarned, because I’m going to be extremely blunt, and there’s a good chance that you are going to be offended. Here goes; Many of you work … continue reading »

New Webinar Alert. Early Registration Discount Ends Today.

Posted September 19, 2019

I wanted to give you a very timely heads up regarding a new webinar (and early registration discount) I announced yesterday. The purpose of this webinar is to offer you tactics and templates to expedite your deals during the fourth quarter. Why this is so important; The fourth quarter presents a very different set of … continue reading »

Why You Might Want To Give Up Sooner In The Fourth Quarter!

Posted September 18, 2019

This time of year EVERY second counts! Personally, I have zero time for time wasters; Even if the time waster is a prospect or a client who; Really ISN’T onboard or; Someone who’s price obsessed when I’m really not looking to position myself as Castain’s Bargain Basement Training Emporium. Someone who’s begin extremely difficult or my … continue reading »

How To ROCK Your Opportunities In The Fourth Quarter!

Posted September 18, 2019

In less than two weeks, we head into the fourth quarter of 2019! I’ve always felt that the fourth quarter presents a very different set of challenges for sales reps. It’s challenging because we’re all under the gun and don’t want to appear desperate and/or become a pest! We need to move deals along WITHOUT … continue reading »

How To Get A 107 Day Lead On Your 2020 Sales Results

Posted September 16, 2019

CONGRATS to those of you who actually clicked on today’s blog post! You’re in a rare group of discerning sales reps who have no problem thinking about the new year; BEFORE it actually starts happening! Most people make a terrible mistake when it comes to goal setting and more importantly; Goal IMPLEMENTATION! Don’t get me … continue reading »

FREE Webinar Giveaway Until 5:00 PM EST TODAY

Posted September 13, 2019

For all the superstitious types out there; Your Friday The 13th Luck Just Changed Because I’m Offering A FREE Webinar Until 5:00 PM EST TODAY! For TODAY ONLY; I’m offering our Staying In Touch With Prospects WITHOUT Being Annoying, Desperate, or Salesy resource FREE to you if you purchase either our Closers Academy Download or our Prospect Like A Pro … continue reading »

How To Use Foreshadowing To Expedite Your Deals

Posted September 13, 2019

There are certain scenarios that can occur during the sales cycle where; A prospect begins to second guess their need for your solution. A prospect begins to second guess their need to make a change. A stakeholder(s) are against making a change. A prospect loses their urgency. A prospect wants to “back burner”the deal because … continue reading »

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