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Why The Majority Of Cold Emails Get Disregarded and Deleted

Posted August 12, 2020

Before you read this, I want you to do something that’s rather difficult for us sales folk; ASK YOUR EGO TO LEAVE THE ROOM! This way you can make an honest assessment and flag any areas where you find yourself saying “Yep, that’s me” You didn’t do any research. You didn’t utilize a subject line that … continue reading »

Giving Your Sales Messaging A Covid-19 Makeover

Posted August 9, 2020

One of THE biggest mistakes that many reps made once the pandemic hit was failing to change up their prospecting approach. In this week’s episode of The Sales Playbook Podcast we talk about how YOU can change up your messaging in a way that; Resonates with decision makers during the pandemic. Right click here to … continue reading »

The Prospecting Tactic That Resulted In Big Wins For Facebook, Sir Richard Branson, And Many Of Your Peers!

Posted August 9, 2020

Do you remember that movie about Facebook called “The Social Network”? There was this scene depicting the early days of Facebook, where Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin explain to Sean Parker, how they were getting so many people to sign up for Facebook. They would get universities on board within a geographical area and then reference … continue reading »

This Shouldn’t Shock Me But It Really Does

Posted August 7, 2020

Every week since the start of the pandemic, I’ve asked sales reps a two-part question. I have to tell you, their answers really DON’T sit well with me! I’m going to share the questions and answers with you, but; I want YOU to think about how you would answer these questions and; If your answer … continue reading »

My Plan (And Templates) For Prospecting During The Pandemic

Posted August 6, 2020

The first thing I did when the world went to sh*t a few months back was rethink my ENTIRE prospecting cadence, particularly; My messaging What vehicles I would use to deliver those messages to my prospects. How often I would reach out, Etc. I was able to put together, and test, a different approach that … continue reading »

A Simple Question To Help You Sell More During The Pandemic

Posted August 6, 2020

One of the many unfortunate challenges in sales right now is the hesitation of decision makers to want to meet and; If you’re fortunate enough to land a meeting, there’s a good chance they’re delaying a move forward with your solution. What can you do to speed this up, WITHOUT being insensitive? It starts with … continue reading »

When Prospects Delay Because Of The Pandemic

Posted August 5, 2020

There’s obviously a lot of uncertainty right now with the pandemic, and; That means that you’re going to have more decision makers delaying everything from a simple “meet and greet” to discovery calls, and ultimately the decision to move forward with your solution. What can you do to EXPEDITE the sales cycle during a pandemic? … continue reading »

A Complete Communication Plan For Prospecting During Covid-19

Posted August 4, 2020

“What should I say in a cold email right now?” “How can I get the attention of a decision maker who never answers the phone?” “What are some appropriate prospecting tactics my team can use during Covid-19?” “Where can I get my hands on some appropriate email and phone templates that show sensitivity to all … continue reading »

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