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A LinkedIn Tactic (and Template) That Will Get You More Responses!

Posted February 6, 2023

Question: What typically happens after we connect with someone on LinkedIn? Answer: Absolutely NOTHING! Seriously, NOTHING! A typical LinkedIn flight plan goes something like this; Send an invite or get sent an invite The invite is accepted Dead air, then; More dead air, followed by; NOTHING! The easy thing to do would be to blame LinkedIn … continue reading »

Get Your Prospect’s Attention With These Cold Email Templates

Posted February 1, 2023

Managers are interrupted, on average, once every 3 minutes and 5 seconds. When you have that many interruptions throughout your day, you get really good and blowing off irrelevant interruptions; Like an email from another sales rep that most probably sounds the same as ALL the other reps interrupting their day! This begs the question; … continue reading »

50 Ways To Get A Decision Maker’s Attention

Posted January 25, 2023

Managers are interrupted, on average, once every 3 minutes and 5 seconds! When you have that many interruptions throughout your day, you get really good at blowing off irrelevant interruptions, like; A call or email from a sales rep trying to sell you something! This begs the question; How do you get a decision maker’s … continue reading »

Fess Up . . . Are You Making These Prospecting Mistakes?

Posted January 16, 2023

In 2011 I began to really see the world of prospecting quite differently! That was the year I started my business and it’s also the year that I started to receive calls and emails from people trying to sell me stuff. Yep, the hunter became the hunted! So during the last 10 years of receiving cold calls and … continue reading »

The Exact Moment When Most Cold Calls Crash and Burn!

Posted January 12, 2023

There’s one section of a cold call that I believe makes or breaks the call and it isn’t the “pitch”. While the “pitch” is pretty damn important, it’s meaningless if; You’ve already lost the person on the other end of that phone! The first few seconds of a cold call are THE most critical because; … continue reading »

Oh No! (Please Read ASAP)

Posted January 11, 2023

This very well might be you come 5:01 pm EST today! Why? Because 5:00 pm EST today is the deadline if you’d like a 60 minute webinar, (10) Cold Call Opener Templates (4) Voicemail Templates, (10) LinkedIn Templates, (10) Email Templates. and a PDF With My 10 Best Subject Lines all for $59! The webinar … continue reading »

How To Drive A Point Home With A Decision Maker

Posted January 11, 2023

Want to drive a point home with a decision maker? Use context in your messaging! There are two flavors to this “context” thing; Reduce To The Ridiculous Expand To The Extreme Reduce To The Ridiculous  One way to “reduce to the ridiculous” is to break down the cost to not only the smallest conceivable, you put … continue reading »

An Email To Send AFTER A Cold Call But Not Every Cold Call

Posted January 10, 2023

So there you are cold calling away. You get a bunch of voicemails, people telling you they’re not interested, but; Somewhere during your call block there are a handful of calls that actually went well, but; Didn’t result in an appointment. What happens next? For most sales reps, it’s just an alarm set in their … continue reading »

I NEVER Lead With This On A Cold Call!

Posted January 6, 2023

Call me crazy, but I pretty much never ask “How are you?” when I prospect. You probably think it’s because it’s typically a red flag that you’re trying to sell them something, right? That’s partially why but there are two bigger reasons; First, I want to break the typical pattern where reps follow a set … continue reading »

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