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Posted February 17, 2020

For the last few days, I’ve been focusing the content here on how you can get your year back on track. I wanted to offer something that I’ve actually only offered once before back in December and; My guess is that you missed it because you were focused on year end, the holidays, etc. I’d … continue reading »

Chicken Soup For Your Goal?

Posted February 17, 2020

Mark Victor Hanson shared some great advice he field tested after writing Chicken Soup For The Soul. Mark and co author Jack Canfield had published the book (no easy task since it had been rejected by 144 publishers) but they had a much bigger dream for the book and that was the best seller list. … continue reading »

A Framework For Getting BETTER Sales Results!

Posted February 16, 2020

This is the time of year where most people have either abandoned their goals for the year or, at the very least; Abandoned the work and the game plan to realize those goals. In this week’s episode of The Sales Playbook Podcast we’re going to explore a really simple framework to get you back on … continue reading »

Things To Do When Your Attitude Sucks

Posted February 16, 2020

If great attitudes fuel great success, what do you do when your attitude sucks? Here are a few ideas that can help! 1) Don’t get caught up in that whole “turn that frown upside down” thing! Get it out of your system, vent, talk about it. If your “attitude” is a result of a person, … continue reading »

A Complete Sales Makeover!

Posted February 14, 2020

I have 150 tactics, 30 templates, 13 PDF’s, and 3 eBooks I’ve put together in a really cool download. It’s all part of our Rock Star Academy Program and it’s all prerecorded so you can go at your own pace. Here’s what the program looks like; Session 1: Creating An Effective Prospecting Plan Session 2 : 20 Ways … continue reading »

Getting Back On Track With Your Goals For The Year

Posted February 14, 2020

How crazy is it that someone just had the balls to send you something about your goals when we’re already well into February? I mean, we’re only supposed to talk about goals for like 15 minutes around New Year’s Day, and then that’s the last of it until next year, right? But seriously; How are … continue reading »

A Difficult Question I Forced Myself To Answer

Posted February 13, 2020

I decided to go back to the place where my journey first began several years ago. I went back to the Football field where along with my classmates, I threw my cap in the air and set out to put a ding in my portion of the universe. I asked myself a question that I … continue reading »

IMPORTANT Call TODAY at 11:30 am EST!

Posted February 12, 2020

I’m really looking forward to our prospecting webinar TODAY (February 13th) from 11:30 am – 12:30 pm EST. I’ve added quite a few tips from HOW you can change up your messaging to HOW you can use multiple channels for prospecting success. Oh, and there’ll be a big emphasis on things you can do to … continue reading »

Last Chance For Access To My Prospecting Webinar!

Posted February 12, 2020

Sometimes we’re so busy running that we miss out on something that could have really helped us! TOMORROW, February 13th, is the day I’m hosting a special prospecting webinar and; I don’t want you to miss out! There are over 25 prospecting tactics plus scripts and templates waiting for you and; Here’s what you’ll learn by attending; 3 Different … continue reading »

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