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3 Fatal Flaws That Undermine Your Prospecting Cadence

Posted July 12, 2019

In 2011 I began to really see things differently with regards to prospecting. That was the year I started my business and it’s also the year that I started to receive calls and emails from people trying to sell me stuff. Yep, the hunter became the hunted! So during the last 8 years of receiving … continue reading »

THE Best Time To Break Away From The Pack

Posted July 11, 2019

THE best time to break away from the pack is when; There ISN’T a pack! You know, like those times of year when your competitors slack. Take summer for example. Many of your competitors are in a more relaxed state and more casual about hunting. Many of your competitors will completely write summer prospecting off … continue reading »

The “Promise Email, Call/Voicemail” Tactic

Posted July 10, 2019

One of the biggest things we need to be mindful of while prospecting is changing up our messaging. One way to do it, is to use the “Promise Email, Call/Voicemail” tactic. And its super easy to do! Step 1: Send an email. In that email you’ll want to make them hungry for the next step … continue reading »

How To Simplify A Complicated Deal

Posted July 9, 2019

Sometimes we forget to think like a decision maker. We forget how overwhelming the decision process can be for someone who already has way too many things on their plate. I’ve already talked about the importance of recaps and the Concerns and Solutions approach; Let’s talk about one more thing you can do to simplify … continue reading »

Your Cure For The Summertime Blues

Posted July 8, 2019

Summer is a challenging time for sales reps. You have decision makers out on vacation. You have decision makers “mentally checking out” until the fall. And you get to hear the old “Call me back in September” blowoff more times than you’d like to! So what does the AVERAGE sales rep do about it? They … continue reading »

2 Summer Specific Networking Tactics That Will Help You Stand Out

Posted July 8, 2019

One of the best ways for you to stand out during the summer is to offer something valuable and “summer specific”; Like an opportunity to network with other professionals; While most of the networking groups, trade associations, etc, have shut down for the summer. Here are two really simple ideas that will cost you nothing … continue reading »

Has Anyone Asked You This Question?

Posted July 5, 2019

Has anyone asked you how you feel you performed and what you could have done better in the first half of 2019? It would be great if you had a coach ask you that question; Especially one that doesn’t allow you to fluff off the question like you’re probably doing right now! We don’t get … continue reading »

Doing The Things You NEVER Have Time To Do In Sales

Posted July 3, 2019

Holiday weeks and slow periods are ideal for doing the things you never have time to do. Here are a few examples; Last summer I scheduled time with a photographer to redo my headshot. I gave my LinkedIn profile an overhaul. Some of my clients increase the amount of handwritten notes. One suggestion I shared … continue reading »

How Sales Reps Can LEVERAGE The Summer Selling Season

Posted July 2, 2019

With the summer selling season upon us, my money is on the sales rep, who leverages the summer, instead of using it as an excuse to back off. When I say “leverage” the summer, I’m talking about using the summer to; Change up your messaging. Change up the types of outreach you’re using. Offer a … continue reading »

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