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I have many on-demand titles available to help you develop some ridiculous sales chops!  … So have a look – and then join us from your favorite chair!

Prospect Like a Pro

IBM released a study where they found that 97% of all cold calls never result in an appointment. LeapJob was less optimistic and found that number to be more like 98%! Read more »

How to Write AWESOME Sales Emails

82% of our sales emails are NEVER even opened! But that SHOULDN'T shock you because you already suspected something was up based on the lack of response you're getting now! Read more »

How to Generate MORE Leads via LinkedIn

There are two radical extremes when it comes to LinkedIn and quite frankly, they both suck! Either you 1) do absolutely nothing – and hope somehow, the world will beat a path to your door, or 2) you launch immediately into a sales pitch and piss off your new connection. Read more »

25 Ways to Stand Out with Snail Mail

Potential Clients Are Disregarding and Deleting You! Why? Because you're saying the same stuff as your competitors via the same NOISY channels. You know, like the phone and email. What if you could change things up a bit, by showing up with a different message, on a platform that hardly ANY sales reps leverage? Read more »

How to EXPLODE Your Sales by Generating MORE Referrals

What if you could generate MORE opportunities that have a higher probability of closing, and you could do it WITHOUT having to depend on cold calling? Read more »

50 Ways to Find and Approach Potential Clients

Want to hunt where your competitors don't? Want to stand out? I share 6 templates and 50 tactics to help you find and approach potential clients this special 90 minute training. Read more »

12 Ways to Safeguard and Expedite Your Deals

You've worked hard to get in front of the deals you're working on but that's only the beginning! How do you safeguard those deals and get MORE of them across the finish line? Read more »

How to Ask AWESOME Sales Questions

Think back to those deals you've worked on where you were peppered with objections. Now think back to those deals you've worked on where you couldn't get your prospect to "pull the trigger." Read more »

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