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A Simple Email Template That Generates At Least 3 More Phone Appointments Each Week

Posted August 30, 2016

Sometimes, in our quest to find the BIG answer to our sales challenges, we miss the obvious ones.

If you’d like to generate at least 3 more phone appointments each week, do the following;

Step One: Go to your LinkedIn contacts, and start alphabetically.

Step Two: Pick at least 3 people that you have never spoken with, that you would consider a potential client.

Step Three: Send them an email or “inmail” as they call it on LinkedIn.

In the email, mention that you’ve been connected for a while and you are embarrassed, that you’ve never reached out before this.

Suggest two scheduling alternatives (the same way you would if you were cold calling someone).

Step Four: Once you schedule the call, research them as you would for a potential client.

Now there’s a bit more, once you get them on the phone, but the main thing to remember is;

DON’T launch, immediately into a sales pitch.

Get to know them.

Find out how you can help them.

Perhaps you can introduce them to someone?

Now if you speak to 3 people, each week;

At the end of a year, you’ll have increased your phone appointments by 150!

You’d really have to be a complete dick to 150 people to have NOTHING to show for that effort.

While your mileage may vary, I can’t see a downside to trying this approach.

If you’d like the template I use for this (and several others I use to nurture my LinkedIn network), download my LinkedIn resource by clicking HERE.

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