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How To Add Value To Your LinkedIn Network

Posted April 30, 2018

Perhaps I’m just a cranky pants but I do massive eye rolls when people suggest that you should “add value” to your network.

Aside from the phrase being just beaten to death, no one ever tells you HOW to add value.

Let’s change that right now!

Here are a few things you can do, to add value, without emptying your bank account!

1)    Be A Matchmaker: Introduce people in your network who need to know each other. I’m offering the template I use for this HERE.

2)    Be A Matchmaker Part Dos: Host a conference call for 4-5 people in your network. Introduce them to each other and have a topic so you get the benefit of everyone’s thinking. Use a free conference call service like or UberConference to keep this bad boy free!

This should be a recurring activity for you each month, with a different group. My friend Michael Conti calls this “4 on the 4th” where he gets 4 people together, each month, on or around the 4th.

3)    Create A Free PDF or E-Book for your network: You can easily create these in word and convert to PDF.  There are even free templates you can download so you can avoid expensive software.

Note: You don’t have to be a literary genius to do this. It can be as simple as a 10 Things To Think About When Buying (fill in your product) or some other helpful hints that help you demonstrate your expertise to your network . . . while providing value!

4)    Connect With And Get To Know Some Recruiters: Introduce people who are in transition and you create a win/win/win. Oh and it costs you nothing to be cool like that! Are you seeing a trend yet?

5)    Send A Resource: Every 4-6 weeks send a link to a helpful article, a website, the name of a helpful book and yes, its perfectly fine to offer some of your free stuff too . . . just make sure you don’t make it all “ME, ME, ME!”  I offer the email template I use for this HERE.

6)    Pay Attention To Status Updates And . . . Encourage, validate, give a damn.

Chris Smith, author of The Conversion Code, is spot on when he suggests that we should “Live in the comment section”.

These things cost you nothing and here’s the thing . . . people gravitate towards people who make them feel good. Don’t ever forget that!

7)    Pay Attention To Status Updates And . . . offer to jump on a call with someone who might need some advice or even the benefit of some mutual brainstorming.

8)  Provide Rock Star Opportunities: If you see a discussion or a question where someone in your network can look like a rock star . . . Talk them up publicly and tag them so they can get in there and shine!

So there you have it, 8 ways for you to add value to your network without having to sell all your worldly possessions to do it.

And speaking of “value” . . .

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