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How I Landed 45 New Clients In 30 Days

Posted September 30, 2015


When I decided to launch Castain Training Systems back in 2011, had no pipeline.

I was armed with two bank accounts that I knew, no matter how much money I had, would not seem enough to carry a family of 5.

And just to make things more interesting, I had medical bills from my wife’s bout with breast cancer and a son who was a year out from heading off to college.

I needed to act quickly!

What I did is going to seem really simple and probably so simple, you’ll be tempted to dismiss it.

But here goes . . .

I had built my army, long before I needed them particularly on LinkedIn.

I took the time to speak with people in my network, every single week.

I’d make the phone call about THEM and I’d find out how I could help.

I played matchmaker and introduced people who needed to know each other.

I sent useful, no strings attached,  resources along.

I did all this stuff, long before I launched my company and if we’re being totally honest, long before I even knew that I was going to leave the company I was working for.

Once I knew it was “Go Time”, I did 3 things over the span of 30 days.

1) I sent an email out to everyone in my network letting them know about my new business and how I could help them.

2) I asked them to pass it along to anyone they felt could benefit from my services.

Note: I helped them think of people by saying the following “Is there anyone you might know of that could benefit from these services such as your coworkers, your boss, perhaps someone in your LinkedIn network?”

3) I scheduled calls with everyone I had previously spoken with and told them of my new venture. I asked them for their help. Once again I asked if they knew anyone and gave them groups of people to help spark referrals.

And that was it!

No direct mail campaign

Zero marketing budget

Just a lot of warm calls . . .

To an army of people I had taken the time to have a relationship with . . .

Long BEFORE I needed them!

The problem with many people on social networks is that they ignore their network until they’re unemployed or under the gun to make quota so the vibe now becomes more of a hook up than a proposal after a meaningful courtship.

To this day, my new clients tell me that they feel like I’m an old friend . . .

I just smile and think about how nice it is to start a new business relationship with that vibe!


I talk more about this in my LinkedIn Leads Download.




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