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How To Create An Email Sequence That Will Get A Decision Maker’s Attention

Posted June 2, 2024

What happens AFTER you send a cold email? In other words;

How do you follow that up, and;

What happens after that, and after that too?

Am I overthinking this? Hardly!

The average sales rep DOESN’T have more than 3 prospecting emails in their arsenal, let alone;

A premeditated sequence, so;

They end up “winging it”, and quite frankly, it shows!

That’s unfortunate considering most sales cycles are running way longer than they have in the past.

Can your emails stand the test of a longer sales cycle?

How do we change things up in a way that our messaging doesn’t bore the recipient?

How do we put this into a sequence that helps us nurture the potential client?

And what if, I did all the work for you in creating the email templates and the ENTIRE email sequence?

Well, I have, and;

I share all the tactics, templates, and 10-touch cold email sequence with everyone who downloads my cold email resource.

Here are some of the tactics, and emails I’m going to share;

  • The “Invite” Email With 2 Powerful Variations
  • 3 Different Types Of “Call To Action” With Varying Degrees Of Assertiveness
  • The “Value First” Email With 5 Different Variations (And Templates)
  • The Story Framework And How To Use It In A Cold Email
  • The Exact Script That I Use In My Embedded Video Emails
  • The LinkedIn Audio/Video Script I Use After Sending A Cold Email
  • The Revised (2.0) Version Of My Reverse Call To Action Tactic™
  • The 3 Types Of Emails And Why 2 Of Them Can Destroy Your Efforts When Used Exclusively.
  • How To Put It All Together Into A Powerful Sequence


Download it immediately and then go at your own pace.

What’s Included?

(1) 75-90 Minute Pre-Recorded Training With Actionable Tips

(10) Cold Email Templates

(1) Embedded Video Script

(1) LinkedIn Audio/Video Script

Complete 10-Touch Sequence Written Out For You

How Much?


Click HERE to gain access to these tactics, templates, and cold email sequence!

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