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How To Hunt For New Business More Effectively

Posted March 29, 2021

It hasn’t been easy for those of us hunting for new business during the pandemic. and;

It’s a time when our prospects are getting carpet-bombed with sales messaging so;

It’s never been easier to get disregarded and DELETED!

Meanwhile, we have bills to pay, mouths to feed, and let’s not forget about those pesky sales quotas!

What can we do to hunt for new business more effectively!

Well for starters, you might want to join us for a special prospecting course we’re about to launch in April!

This program can help you  . . .

Stand out

Get noticed, and . . .

Get in front of MORE opportunities!


In Session 1, we’re going to explore how you can seriously warm up your cold calls. We’ll talk about 3 different “scripts” that I’ve designed to be used during the pandemic. We’ll discuss how you can create a more objection-resistant dialogue while maintaining control of the call. And while we’re at it, we’ll discuss a revised objection handling formula that’s a must if you’re using the phone.

In Session 2, we’ll discuss how you can master this thing we call “email”! I have tips that will help you with your subject lines, overall message, how to improve your response rates, and a few tactics that will forever change the way you approach emails going forward! Oh, and I just created (as in today) 15 new templates that I’ll throw in just for sh*ts and giggles.

In Session 3, we’re going to talk about how you can use creativity to stand out and capture the attention of your prospects. I’ll share numerous real-life examples of what sales reps have been using during the pandemic as well as a bonus PDF with over 30 more creative prospecting ideas!

In Session 4, I’m going to show you how to put everything together into an all caps EPIC prospecting campaign. We’ll explore a lethal tactic called “Mixing and Mapping” and I’m even going to write out a complete, 10 touch, prospecting campaign for you complete with phone scripts, email, and LinkedIn templates.

Bonus Session #1 Getting Your Sh*t Together

I’m going to send out a special bonus session the week before the course begins.

In this pre-recorded session, we’re going to address something that kills more sales reps than you can ever imagine . . .

Our inability to get (and keep) our prospecting efforts on the calendar!

Bonus Session #2 How To Generate More Leads Via LinkedIn

In this pre-recorded bonus session we explore how you can generate leads on LinkedIn WITHOUT having to write content, posts videos, and most of all;

Without being salesy!


We meet each Wednesday, from 11:30 am EST to 12:30 pm EST for 4 weeks starting April 21st

Time out! Don’t forget that we deliver it live and then share the recording later that day. Go at your own pace!


Join us from your favorite chair!

Would you like to save $50?

If you sign up before Friday, April 2nd, at 5:00 pm EST your cost is only $249. That’s a $50 savings from the $299 price tag you’ll see come 5:01 pm on the 2nd!

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