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How To Improve Your Prospecting Effectiveness

Posted December 27, 2019
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Here are 3 simple things you can do immediately to improve your prospecting results next year!

First, have a plan that helps you show up consistently!

Too many of you are operating in a world where your potential clients don’t know you.


Because you only show up when you have the time to prospect and;

Your efforts are sporadic at best!

Said another way;

Imagine someone (you really don’t know) trying to develop a relationship with you who;

Was here for a few days trying to develop that relationship, then;

They disappear for 6 weeks and return trying to have that relationship, then;

They disappear for 3 months and return again trying to have that relationship;

Would that be much of a relationship?

That’s what’s happening with your prospecting my friend!

Next, stop clinging to just the phone and email!

Make sure that in addition to phone and email, you also embrace other forms of outreach.

Embracing additional forms of outreach helps you keep the courtship interesting and;

Helps you communicate with people who don’t want a phone call or email.

Third, premeditate some of your communication in the form of a communication map.

The problem with most reps, is that they typically decide on what they’re going to say, as they are either reaching for the phone, or reaching for their keyboard.

So what the heck is this “mapping our communication” thing?

When we map our communication, we do a few things . . .

1) We consider ALL the types of outreach available to us in our tool shed. Hint:There’s a whole world of “touches” besides  phone and email.

2) We consider all the types of messages within the various forms of touches.Hint: Not every touch needs to reek of “I want to sell you something”.

3) We think a few moves at a time (I teach my clients to think 3 moves ahead). We also think about how much time will transpire between each move. Doing so, allows you to think out ways where each form of outreach supports another.

Example: I might leave you a message telling you to watch for a cool FedEx I have coming your way tomorrow. Inside that FedEx I could have a DVD with a really short video with me addressing you by name.  At the end of that video, I tell you a specific day and time I’m going to attempt to reach you again.

That’s one of an infinite amount of possibilities with my mapping process.

The results my clients are seeing are off the charts! Why?

  • Because the quality of their communication is better than that “seat of your pants” stuff they were doing prior.
  • Their “courtship” with potential clients is more interesting because they aren’t saying the same tired message via the same form of outreach.
  • They aren’t boring, predictable and positioning themselves as just another “me too” sales rep!
  • They create a cadence that keeps them top of mind, without becoming a total pain in the ass.
  • They’re enjoy their prospecting at a much higher level now since they can mix up their touches vs making 7,000 calls in a row. When they enjoy it, and they see the results, they stop avoiding the hunting portion of their job.

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