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How To Take Immediate Control Of A Cold Call Without Being A Jackass

Posted February 20, 2024

How can you get a decision maker’s attention, and gain control within the first few seconds of a cold call;

Without being a jerk?

Simple, you ask a question, and;

Not just any question, you ask a FRAMING Question.

Before I get into the details it’s important that you realize something;

It doesn’t matter if you’re on a call, in a meeting, doing a discovery call, etc;

The person asking the questions is the one controlling the dialogue!

This type of control isn’t of the dickish variety so don’t confuse control, with being dickish.

The “Framing Question”

A framing question is a question that begins with a statement and then ends with a question.

The statement, in this context, MUST be about something relevant to the decision maker (like a trigger event) otherwise you’re defeating the purpose.

Here’s how you do it;

Step 1 Greet the prospect. “Hi Mary, it’s Paul from Castain Training Systems”

Step 2 Frame the question by saying “Quick question, I noticed that (mention something relevant you noticed during your research)”

Step 3 Ask a question at the tail end of the statement.

Putting it all together;

“Hi Mary, it’s Paul from Castain Training Systems, quick question, I noticed that you’re hiring a bunch of sales reps and was curious as to how you typically onboard them?”

It’s disarming because it doesn’t follow the normal trajectory of a cold call and;

There’s no pitch and no ask for a meeting right out of the gate.

Within seconds, they’re the one doing the talking, instead of YOU.

Is this a flawless tactic?

Hell no, but;

It forces the prospect to go off script because YOU’RE not following the TYPICAL prospecting script.

Give it a shot and make a note as to whether or not the tactic creates more dialogue.

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