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How To Keep It Interesting For Those On The Receiving End Of Your Prospecting Efforts

Posted April 16, 2018

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The average decision maker is inundated with sales messaging and to them;

We all sound alike!

The most important thing you and I can do when we prospect, is to keep the “courtship” interesting enough;

So that our potential client continues to take our calls and open our emails.

Here are 3 things that will help you change up your messaging.

Change The Message. Most sales messaging is just that, a sales message centered around getting someone to meet with you.

Consider . . .

Offering a resource

Offer an idea

Introduce them to someone who can buy from them, help them etc.

Invite them to an industry event, networking event, an event your company is hosting.

Ask them a question.

Send a fact, a case study, a story, an analogy to solidify a point.

Send along something fun, funny (just keep it tasteful)

Congratulate them on a win, a new product launch, your contact getting promoted, a work anniversary etc.

Wish them a happy holiday.

Change The Style. The style of your communication can be serious, fun, funny, pessimistic, optimistic, short and sweet, detailed, analytical, direct, passive, aggressive, etc

Change The Vehicle. The vehicle is the method we use to deliver the message to the recipient. Sadly, most reps embrace only two (phone and email).

Consider Snail Mail, FedEx, Drop In, Drop Off, Warm Intro, LinkedIn. Video, etc.

See how many variations of messages you can create just using these three suggestions then;

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