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One Simple Thing You Can Do To Dramatically Improve The Effectiveness Of Your Prospecting

Posted August 17, 2017

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Want to improve the effectiveness of your prospecting efforts?

Create a “communication map”.

A “communication map” is when you think 3 “prospecting moves” at a time and outline;

  1. What the flavor of your message is going to be.
  2. How you will deliver that message (Call, Email, FedEx, LinkedIn etc)
  3. How/When each “touch” occurs in the communication plan.


Touch #1 Intro email. Wait 24-48 hours then;

Touch #2 Call/Voicemail. Wait 3-4 days then;

Touch #3 Send Along Something Creative To Get Their Attention. Wait until the day after you know they would have received your snail mail or FedEx then;

Begin your next 3 touch sequence.

“Communication Mapping” Improves The Quality Of Your Efforts

The average sales rep doesn’t premeditate their communication and more often than not;

Decides what they are going to say as they’re reaching for the phone or their keyboard.

And that’s a HUGE reason why they are disregarded and deleted!

“Communication Mapping” improves the quality of your communication in several ways

The message is higher quality because you aren’t “winging it”.

Because you mapped it out, you get to set up the next touch. Example: If I send you a handwritten note introducing myself, and I know that the next stop in the communication map is a call, I can write “I’ll be calling you on August 24th, at 3:30 pm” And when I call on the 24th, if I get voicemail, I can create mystique and anticipation for the next stop in the “communication map”.

It forces you to think about different “flavors” of your message instead of a constant repacking of “I want to sell you something”.

It encourages you to use different forms of outreach instead of clinging to the same thing over and over and over again.

So there you have it;

One simple way, to dramatically improve the quality of your prospecting efforts.

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