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Sales School Starts Tomorrow But . . .

Posted January 29, 2013

We will be recording each session (slides and all) so this way you can go at your own pace.

Every time we host one of our online Sales School programs, someone sends me one of those “Damn I missed it again” emails.

I thought I’d send out a final reminder that we have to stop all enrollments today so we can get all the materials emailed to our participants.

We really have a blast with the Sales School program because I want you to learn with being bored out of your skull.

We cover a wide variety of strategies from how to hunt business differently to asking killer questions once you’re face to face. We talk about how to present your ideas ways that make them more “objection resistant” and even what to do when you try your hardest and still get rejected!

As many of you know by now, my specialty is marrying all the traditional, tried and true methods with the newer things like LinkedIn, Twitter and even how you can use everyone’s favorite . . . EMAIL (sorry caps lock)

The program is priced at $395 for (8) 30-45 minutes sessions that I don’t watch the clock on.

If you were to hire me to train you and your team onsite, it would set you back a tad more than $395. 🙂

Any who, I really do hope you’ll join us. I think its time that we started working together towards making this year your best ever.

Here’s the link with a course outline, and additional details!


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