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"Should I Lower My Price To Win The Deal?"

Posted February 28, 2017

I’ve never been a big fan of lowering price to win a deal;

I bet you’re thinking its because, like you, I enjoy making as much money as I possibly can?

Well that and . . .

1) “It isn’t fair to my other clients who pay full price!”

I put that one in quotes, because that’s what I say, word for word, when someone wants to play “Let’s make a deal with Uncle Paul”

When you think about it, you have all these regular, loyal clients, who support you and we reward them by giving  a complete stranger the better price. Seems a tad unfair to me!

I do, however believe in giving reduced pricing based on volume.

In other words . . . want a better price?

Have me coach or train more of your team and you’ll see the pricing I gave you go down.

Everyone get’s the same opportunity. I find things are fairer that way and my clients agree!

2) Quite selfishly, I don’t want to condition that type of behavior with my clients.

I know, I sounded like a real ass when I said that but I’m being straight with ya;

DON’T want to condition that type of behavior!

Why? Because I don’t want to haggle over every deal going forward, nor do I want clients who think it’s “Castain’s Bargain Basement Training Emporium”.

I don’t like cheap people so I don’t court them.

I also know something about myself that others might not be so quick to admit;

I won’t be excited about doing work for you if you aren’t paying me what I’m worth!

If I’m not excited about doing work for you,  I have no business taking you on as a client.

Which leads us to . . .

3) Call me standoffish, but if I know negotiation ISN’T an option, and I’ve predetermined it as being “Out of Bounds”, then . . .

I’m forced to give you . . .

The BEST solution as opposed to the CHEAPEST!

Do you feel that what you do (and how you do it), for your clients is at the AWESOME level?

Go ahead, you have my permission to be arrogant.

Let me ask you again, a little louder this time . . .

Do you feel, that what you do, (and how you do it), for your clients is awesome?

Then please understand that AWESOME, comes with a higher price.

And if by chance, you DON’T feel that what you do for your clients is AWESOME, it might be time to represent something where you’re a tad more passionate.

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