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The “4 Meetings” Sales Tactic

Posted January 27, 2024

Here’s an easy approach to use if you’d like to dramatically improve your deal velocity and overall sales effectiveness.

Start thinking about your prospect meetings as 4 meetings!

The first meeting is the meeting you plan for, but if we’re being totally honest, things happen that take the meeting we planned for to the next “meeting”;

The meeting that actually happened. This is why it’s super important to run back the mental video tape immediately after a meeting or better yet, tape your demos and listen to the “game tape”. That’s when you think about the third “meeting”.

The meeting you wished you had. If you could have a “do over” what would you do differently? 

Ah, but there’s a fourth meeting, and this one you need to pounce on, it’s;

The meeting your prospect wished they had with you. Did they feel they were “heard” (especially when there are multiple stakeholders) Did they leave that meeting with a sense of confidence in YOU and your solution? Was there a disconnect?

How can you know what that “meeting” should have been from the prospect’s perspective and HOW do you REDUCE the probability of a disconnect?

I have 3 NON-NEGOTIABLE tactics that will help with that, and;

I’m going to share them during our What To Do When Deals Take Longer To Close webinar.

Here’s what we’re going to cover;

  • 4 Things To Do Immediately That Will Create Urgency, Reduce No-Shows, and Set The Tone For A Smoother Sale
  • The One Thing You MUST Ask For During A Face To Face Meeting
  • 20 Preventive Measures To Reduce The Probability Of A Stalled Sale
  • A 10 Point Follow-Up Sequence Complete With Templates and Scripts And None Of That “Calling To Check In” Stuff
  • How To Use ChatGPT To Create Endless Follow-Up Messaging

Here’s what you’re going to get;

(1) 60-75 Minute Webinar With 25 Actionable Tips and Tactics

Webinar Replay

(1) 10 Touch Follow-Up Sequence With Templates and Scripts

(3) ChatGPT Prompts

How Much?

Only $74 if you enroll during early registration. Early registration ends Tuesday, January 30th at 4:00 pm.

Please click HERE to secure your spot at the discounted rate

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