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Want To Send A BETTER Sales Email? Create A Communication Map!

Posted August 30, 2016

mapping your communication

I know a rep who’s about to seriously stand out from her competitors.

She’s not going to compete by lowering her prices or offering special promos.

She’s not going to compete by having deep pockets for advertising slick marketing pieces.

She’s going to stand out because she knows;

Exactly HOW she’s going to communicate her message.

How she’s going to mix up her forms of outreach so she ISN’T just hitting them up via phone and email (the two noisiest channels by the way)

And HOW she’s going to vary her message so she DOESN’T condition people to disregard and delete her.

She’s going to be heard, she’s going to stand out and she’s going to be remembered.


Because 99.9% of the sales population thinks about their messaging as they’re reaching for a phone or keyboard.

The result is that typically, the message becomes, well, typical!

That WON’T be the case with Elizabeth!

Elizabeth has taken the time to create a “communication map” outlining;

The type of outreach (phone, email, snail mail, FedEx, drop in, drop off, social networking, traditional networking, content, creativity, referral/warm intro)

The type of message (intro, resource, invite, idea, introducing two people who should know each other, info, helpful hint etc)

When these forms of outreach occur with regard to the other “touches”.For example, how long will Elizabeth wait after she’s sent that FedEx or that LinkedIn invite?

Now because Elizabeth has taken the time to create her “communication map”, she can now use each “touch” in concert with another “touch”. For example, in her email, she can tell the recipient to watch for something from her in the mail or simply let them know what they should be on the lookout for next, (and when they should expect it). I call this a “reverse call to action” and it results in more people taking your calls and more call backs!

So how can you be more like Elizabeth?

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