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Why This Might Be The Perfect Time To Break Up With Your Prospects (Clients Too)

Posted September 7, 2018

This time of year EVERY second counts!

Personally, I have zero time for time wasters;

Even if the time waster is a prospect or a client who;

Really ISN’T onboard or;

Someone who’s price obsessed when I’m really not looking to position myself as Castain’s Bargain Basement Training Emporium.

Someone who’s begin extremely difficult or my favorite.

Someone that is creating a dynamic where I feel like I’m chasing them.

So I try my best to correct the situation and;

If I can’t;

We part as friends!

I simply CAN’T let losing situations get in the way of progressing elsewhere.

To be clear . . . 

This ISN’T an ego thing.

I don’t ditch people because they hurt my wittle feelings.

I don’t ditch people the second we go off track but;

I consider my time to be of the perishable variety.

In the motivational circles you see lots of quotes telling us to;

Never Give Up!

I think our problem is that we cling too tightly to that and it gets in the way of progress.

Maybe our problem is that we take too long to give up;

On a losing situation?

If you’re involved in a time draining, “this is going nowhere” business relationship;

See what you can do to get it back on track.

Have a heart to heart.

Try to come to an understanding and;

If you can’t;

Focus your efforts elsewhere.

And no, this isn’t a license to be dick but;

With year end rapidly approaching;

We need to manage our time at a much higher level!

We’re going to be talking more on managing your time and working a plan to help you finish the year stronger during our How To Increase Your Sales webinar.

There are 50 tips and tactics, assignments, and actionable takeaways including;

Session I (September 13th at 11:30 am EST)

  • 75+ things we can learn from sales rock stars.
  • A detailed, easy to implement plan, that helps you get in front of more opportunities with both your prospects and clients.
  • How to juggle your hunting activities with the other 20,000 things on your plate.
  • 10 ways to stand out with your potential clients
  • The questioning mistake that costs you business with prospects and clients.
  • 3 ways to skyrocket your referrals.
  • 6 ways to EXPEDITE your deals WITHOUT coming across as desperate.

Session II (Prerecorded)

  • The 3 things that MUST dominate your calendar. We’ll talk about how to get them on your calendar, and most importantly, KEEP them on your calendar.
  • The one thing that steals 25% of a sales rep’s time and how YOU can steal it back!
  • How to instantly become MORE productive WITHOUT adding more hours to your day.
  • How to get MORE prospecting time on your calendar WITHOUT adding more hours to your day.
  • How to blow off unnecessary meetings WITHOUT being a jerk.
  • How to use drive time/travel time to your advantage.
  • The 3 sales activities you can easily automate to save tons of time.


Thursday, September 13th, at 11:30 am EST.

What’s Included?

(2) 90 minute workshops (one live, one prerecorded) with over 50 tips and tactics to help you increase your sales.


Homework assignment where you’ll submit your action plan to me and I will offer feedback (via email)

How much?


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