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What To Do When You’re Having A Bad Day (And What Not To Do Too)

Posted June 8, 2018

If great attitudes fuel great success then;

What do you do when your attitude is less than stellar?

Here are 10 ways to give that attitude an enema right quick!

1) Don’t get caught up in that whole “turn that frown upside down” thing! Get it out of your system, vent, talk about it. If you are angry, call it like you see it! If your attitude is a result of a person, clear the air, say what you need to say and then get on with your money activities.

Obsessing over negative things makes you unproductive. So does sweeping things under the carpet that need to be dealt with!

2) Beware that misery loves company! This has two deadly sides to it. The first involves our natural tendency not to stop at one thing that pisses us off. We therefore search for other things about a person, a situation and our lives that can join the “Things That Piss Me Off” inventory.

The other side of this is that we love to complain to others about how rotten things are. Once again, there is nothing wrong with venting to the right people in your life, just beware of it becoming a glorified pity party!

Remedy: When you find yourself taking a negative inventory, interrupt that pattern by taking a positive inventory of the good things you have! Can’t think of one? How about being above ground and vertical? When you find yourself an active participant in a pity party. simply disengage, end the conversation and “Run Forrest Run!”

3) Express your gratitude to someone who has helped you. Doing so reminds you of the good in this world and helps you step outside of the things that are bringing you down!

4) Give! Giving takes the focus off of you and creates an instant high! It’s also a great way to experience true wealth!

5) Move! Motion creates emotion! Get up, move around. Take a walk and get some fresh air. Personally, I like to ride the banister down the stairs when I’m feeling down but lately they seem to be making them of poor quality because I’ve broken several. Eventually I will be allowed back to those businesses but meanwhile . . . I FEEL ALIVE!

6) Smile and Laugh! Its really hard to have a bad attitude when you’re smiling and or peeing your pants laughing. Listen to comedy to interrupt your negative patterns. Set up a playlist of your favorite comedy  and fire that bad boy up when you need a laugh!

7) Music! Create a playlist of all those “feel good” type tunes so whenever you hear them you (get this) feel GOOD!

8) Stay Away From The News! I don’t know who the genius was who assumed that the news has to be filled with murders, foreclosures, wars and the like, but there is only so much I can take of it.

Remember this . . .

Negativity might sell the news, but negative news doesn’t help you sell . . . unless you sell negative news for a living for which I have no rebuttal!

9) Get Some Good Stuff In Your Head Every Day!  Read about those who made it under impossible odds, a comeback story, something spiritual, something that just makes you happy.

10) Allow Yourself To Be Vulnerable And Ask For Help! This is very hard for us to do as sales professionals because our ego can get in the way! My advice . . . get over yourself and ask for help.

The teacher appears when the student is ready . . . but not magically . . . You need to summon them!

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