How To Hire A Sales Coach!

Thinking about hiring a sales coach? Here are some things to think about!

70 Totally Random Phone Tips

Guess how many totally random phone tips we have for you in our 70 Totally Random Phone Tips E-Book? Download this quick before we change our mind and make it 65 or 60 . . . then you’ll kick yourself dude!

The Absolute BEST Day To Call Your Prospects!

An 8 1/2 x 11 Poster To Keep You In The Proper Hunting Mode!

35 Ways To Prospect More Creatively

Want to mix up your approach a tad? We’ve put together 35 creative door openers for you to try, Who knows, maybe these ideas will spark an even better one of your own!

15 Ways To Facilitate A Linkedin Discussion

I’ve received fantastic feedback on this PDF. A must read if you want to maximize your impact on Linkedin!

10 Totally Random Thoughts About Questions

Questions are just flat out critical . . . Here are 10 thoughts to bring yours to a higher level!

Here’s a whole page of free eBooks etc.

50 Random Thoughts For The Holidays

Guess how many random tips I have for you in my 50 Random Thoughts For The Holidays PDF? Gold star if you said 50! Required reading for anyone in need of a kick ass holiday season!

The Qualities Of A Rock Star Sales Person

We’ve compiled a list of over 75 qualities of sales rock stars. You’ll notice a blank box to the right of each quality. Its there to invite you to rate yourself on a scale from 1-10. This way you can immediately get to work on areas that could use a little polish!

25 Ways To Own Your Weekend!

We spend all this time conquering the world at work . . . here are 25 ways to do it at home this weekend!

50 Ways To Rock Your Journal!

50 ideas to help you maximize the powerful practice of keeping a journal without all the “Dear Diary” crap!

For more information on my training, coaching or keynote speeches . . . click here!

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