A Quick Tip To Start The Week Strong!

by Paul Castain on March 15, 2015

a quick tip from Paul Castain

This week’s quick tip addresses something that can dramatically impact your ability to earn as a sales professional.

I can also tell you that it can make or break your career but . . .

You really do have to have the ability to (as the line goes) “Handle the truth!”

Can you handle the truth?

Why don’t you give this free audio a listen so you can find out!

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Perhaps It’s Not The Cold Call That Sucks?

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Episode 120 The Janitor & The Jedi Master

by Paul Castain on March 10, 2015



Today, I did something that represents one of the most painful things I’ve had to do in a really long time.

I decided to take a page from my life, when I lost my Dad, and verbally share some lessons as well as a really profound experience I had during his wake.

In the past, I’ve always written about it here but today, I thought I’d grow some balls and talk about it.

I promise you that I don’t go over the top with the sadness thing, but I won’t guarantee that you won’t need a tissue or two.

There are few lessons in this story . . . I hope you’ll allow me to share them with you!


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lost time

If you’re like me, you feel like there never seems to be enough hours in the day.

You know that you could always put in a longer day but you’d rather not, mostly because you actually have a life beyond your work life!

What’s an aspiring sales rock star to do?

First, you need to understand a study that has you and me written all over it!

It was conducted by a firm by the name of BASEX and they found that the average American loses 2.1 hours each day to interruptions.

Interruptions can be good or bad and include things like phone calls, people stopping by your cubicle, email

Time Out: It also includes things like checking your smart phone and did you know the average person checks their smart phone 150 times a day? Crazy, huh? Well, it’s also time consuming too!

The important thing to remember is that it’s not just the interruption that robs you of your time, it’s the loss of momentum you suffer when you have to get back into your groove.

How To Get 6 More Weeks Of Selling Time This Year

The first step is always awareness so let me ask you . . .

Does that 2.1 hours a day thing sound about right? More? Less? Do you even know?

Track your time for the next two weeks but with a relentless focus on . . .

How many times you are interrupted each day

What those interruptions are and how long they last

How long it takes you to get back into whatever it was that you’re doing

See if you can flag any recurring interruptions (people, things, scenarios)

The Second Step is to look at the interruptions you’ve identified. Whenever I do this exercise with my coaching clients, we usually discover that they are losing more than 2.1 hours a day to interruptions.

So whether you’re at 2 hours or 3 hours or whatever the magic number is . . .

Challenge yourself to find a way to liberate 1 hour a day back from “lost time” to one of your sales drivers (hunting new business, servicing accounts, growing existing business)

Let’s Do The Math Together

If you liberate 1 hour a day from lost time to “money activities” that’s

5 hours each week

20 hours each month or if you’re on the metric system, that’s a half a week each month.

240 hours each year or 6 weeks!

6 extra weeks each year with a relentless focus on

Getting business

Servicing accounts

Growing business

I’m thinking that unless you have a really crappy comp plan that would equate to more money in your pocket, no?

Could You Imagine Getting A Bonus Check?

Take a moment to think about how much you make each year.

Now think about getting a bonus check for 6 weeks worth of your pay.

Would you slide it back across the table and say “You cheap bastard, you obviously need the money more than me. Keep your stinking bonus check!”

You’d probably run right out of there and cash it before they changed their mind.

If that’s the case then don’t you dare dismiss this.

I don’t know about you, but I can always use an extra 6 weeks of selling time!

And with 2 kids in college, I’m not ashamed to admit that I can always find use for a 6 week bonus check!

Maybe The Cold Cold ISN’T Dead!

Maybe it’s the “Cold”Part!

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A Quick Tip To Start Your Week STRONG!

by Paul Castain on March 8, 2015

a quick tip from Paul Castain

In this week’s Quick Tip I show you a really cool way to impress the heck out of your prospect, right BEFORE your meeting with them.

I can tell you from experience that hardly anyone does this which means its an opportunity for you to instantly separate yourself from the pack.

Think I’m exaggerating? Then I triple dog dare ya to take a few minutes to listen to this FREE audio sales lesson!

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Are You Scheduling This Often Missed Activity?

by Paul Castain on March 6, 2015


I almost don’t want to tell you what the activity is because I know the minute I say what it is, many of you are going to haul ass out of here.

I’m talking about scheduling your personal development time.

It could be scheduling 20 minutes to start reading that book on sales or listening to a podcast or God forbid, setting time aside to attend a webinar.

Here’s the thing about learning . . .

You’re never going to wake up and say “Oh my goodness, I have nothing but time today so I guess I’ll learn” so if you’re like most people, you just keep focusing on whatever it is you’re doing.

This weekend, I have time carved out early in the morning on both Saturday and Sunday.

There are a few podcasts I want to listen to and I have a book I’ve been reading as well.

I’ll get to all of this long before any of my kids or “Mrs Uncle Paul” wake up.

I have a confession to make and I’m sure many of you might think less of me but;

I desperately need to keep learning new things.

The world is changing rapidly and I need every edge I can find.

Plus, I never want to known as an “Old Dog”, you know . . .

That egotistical type of joker who thinks he knows it all but will never learn a new trick.

How about you?

Are you an “Old Dog”?

When was the last time you carve out time so you can learn a new trick?

Chew on that question for a while and when you’re done, get your personal development on the calendar,

And if you happen to be free on March 24th, stop by and learn with us as we discuss “40 Ways To Warm Up Your Cold Call” Click HERE for the details!