A Quick Tip To Start The Week STRONG!

by Paul Castain on April 12, 2015

a quick tip from Paul Castain

This week’s quick tip deals with something most of you are neglecting big time.

I can also tell you, from experience, that once you master this, your earning potential will dramatically increase.

This might prove to be the best 4 minutes you’ve ever invested in yourself!

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Your Potential Clients Are Forgetting About You!

Think I’m kidding?

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A Dumb Reason Why You’re Missing Opportunities!

by Paul Castain on April 8, 2015

game over

I really think it’s time we have a really frank discussion on why you’re probably missing a considerable amount of opportunities.

And just to pour a little salt in your wounds I’m also going to tell you why I think it’s completely unnecessary!

Once you recover from the “intervention” I’m about to host on your behalf, I’m going to show you, specifically how you can turn it all around.

Sales Managers, VP’s of Sales, Business Owners: You need to assign this week’s podcast as mandatory listening for your team.

Note: As many of you know, I have a strict policy when it comes to NOT editing my podcast. At the end of the podcast, I mention two people who have spent millions of dollars on advertising. One point that I forgot to mention is that you truly DON’T have to spend millions of dollars.

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Perhaps A Change Is In Order?

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Do You Make Any Of These Prospecting Mistakes?

by Paul Castain on April 7, 2015

should we thank our prospects?

I want you to think about how you hunt for new business. Think about the message you typically communicate and the various forms of outreach you embrace.

Do you make any of these mistakes?

1) Always Communicating A Message That Says “I want to sell you something” or “I’d like to set an appointment with you so I can sell you something”. Your messaging needs to have other flavors like useful information and resources. Invites to events, webinars, seminars. Questions that make them think and even guide them on a journey of self discovery. There’s much more to this one but I’d rather teach you how to fish instead of doing the fishing for you so,what else could you add to this list? How can YOU change up your messaging?

2) Using The Same Form Of Outreach. For most sales reps, it’s the phone, email and if they consider themselves super creative, a combination of both. This really limits you as a sales professional because every prospect/client has THEIR preferred form of outreach. Also, when you deliver the same message, on the same platform, you become predictable and boring and you condition the recipient to disregard and delete you. Quite selfishly, you’re even boring yourself! Sales reps are not wired to do 1 thing for an extended amount of time. We like to mix things up. Are you?

3) Prospecting Inconsistently. Since most sales reps hunt for new business when time allows, their appearances are sporadic. Imagine someone in your personal life attempting to create a relationship with you where they’re here for a few days then they are gone for 7 weeks. They’re back for a week, then they’re gone for 3 months. Would this help you get to know them well enough to truly “know, like and trust” them? It’s no different with prospects.

Note: There are people right now, in your industry, who are taking your opportunities. They aren’t taking your opportunities because they’re better than you or have a better widget or better company. They are taking your opportunities simply because they show up consistently and you don’t. When you get done saying “Ouch!” feel free to begin scheduling your hunting activities. Otherwise, keep saying “AMEN” because anything else is a prayer at best!

4) Doing Predictable Things. Like calling at the same day and time. Calling (without blocking your number) and never leaving a voice mail message. Leaving a message and then immediately emailing. Calling/Emailing with the same messaging.

I’m cutting this list short intentionally because I’d like for you to leave a comment and add to this list.

What else can we add to it or . . .

Simply weigh in with your thoughts on the 4 mistakes I shared!

Perhaps A Change Is In Order?

On May 6th, I’m going to be sharing over 100 tactics to help you change up your messaging while complementing those phone calls you’re making with other forms of outreach!

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I Absolutely Hate When This Happens

by Paul Castain on April 1, 2015

mad as hell

There are two scenarios that irritate me beyond anything you could imagine . . .

1) When I miss out on a deal on something I was interested in buying.

2) When a company I buy from offers better deals to people who aren’t current clients.

Ever had either of these things happen?

I decided to do something about both of those scenarios!

Right now, I’m offering my newest online sales program How To Hunt More Effectively for $150 less to my clients.

People who aren’t already doing business with me never get a better deal than my existing clients.

That’s the way it should be. No?

Now as far as missing out on a deal, if you’d like to save $100 on this program, click HERE but do it BEFORE the close of business tomorrow (April 2nd) because that’s when the early registration discount disappears.

Oh, and if you’ve ever bought something from me in the past and for some remote reason you weren’t sent the top secret link to the $150 savings, please email me immediately  paul@yoursalesplaybook.com




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You Had Better Be Armed With More Than Just A Phone!

by Paul Castain on March 30, 2015


Here are 5 solid reasons to have more than just a phone in your sales toolbox.

1) People just don’t answer their phone any more. If you put all your eggs in that basket, you miss out. And “I’ll just make more calls” is simply doing more of an unproductive activity. To that end, I think many people misunderstand that “Sales is a numbers game” thing!

2) Everyone has their own preferred method of communication. If you put all your eggs in the “cold call” basket, you miss out. Oh, and you do know that it’s what your potential customer prefers and not you, right?

3) If all you’re doing is calling, you become very typical and in many cases, predictable with gusts of boring and antiquated.

4) If all you do is cold call, and you’re not a huge fan of it, chances are you’re finding things to help you avoid doing it like administrative tasks and running to see Lumbergh about those TPS reports!

5) You’re most probably working against the way you’re wired.How? Salespeople function better when we have a variety of activities and not just one.

So right about now, all the hardcore sales traditionalists are getting their panties in a bunch because it appears as though I just “dissed” the cold call.

Nope, in fact I think the phone is an important part of our “sales mix” of activities.

I just think that many of you are forgetting that there’s a whole world of touches out there that can truly complement (not replace) the “cold call”.

In other words . . .

Your Cold Call Is Lonely And Needs Companionship From OTHER Forms Of Outreach!

Your turn . . .

What are your thoughts? Aside from the phone, what else is in your sales toolbox?

Please weigh in with your thoughts!

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