5 Examples Of How “Creating A Difference” Paid Off

by Paul Castain on January 13, 2015

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True or False: People buy difference?

I bet you’ve heard that one before,right?

I bet you heard it so many times that you go out of your way to position yourself as “different” with regard to your competitors.

If we were all in the same room together, most of you would have broken eye contact with me after reading that last sentence.

Buyers today (thanks to all this crazy online stuff) have pretty much heard it all and I would venture to say that to them, you sound like every other person trying to get their business.

Sadly, I bet many of your own clients might even think that.

Earlier today, I sent out a free, audio sales lesson where I shared 5 examples of people who are not only different, but in many ways, have chosen to “break the rules”. Not in a bad way, but in a way that helps them create a perceived DIFFERENCE!

If you haven’t done so already, take 18 minutes out of your life and listen to it.

Too busy? Then download it and let me ride shotgun with you while you’re taking care of business!

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It’s Time To Hunt For Business More Effectively!

If you want different results when it comes to bringing in new business, then perhaps its time to try something different!

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There Are No “Rules” In Sales!

by Paul Castain on January 12, 2015


In this week’s episode of The Sales Playbook podcast we take a look at 5 people/companies that refused to follow the “rules”

When I say “rules”, I mean doing things the way their peers do them.

And quite frankly, I mean doing things that are contrary to what people are accustomed to.

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It’s Time To Hunt For Business Differently!

If you want different results when it comes to bringing in new business, then perhaps its time to try something different!

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8 Things To Do When A Prospect Stalls The Sale

by Paul Castain on January 12, 2015



So there you are, facilitating an awesome meeting with a prospective client. You’re in your zone and things seem to be pointing towards a “YES!”. You can almost see the victory parade back at the office and you are fully prepared to tell your co workers “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful” Perhaps even a “No extra charge for awesomeness ladies and gentlemen”.

Just when you are about to bring home the proverbial bacon, the prospect delivers the old “I need to run this by my boss” groin kick. Somehow “Doh!” doesn’t seem like a suitable rebuttal.

Now I’m sure we could have a lengthy discussion about  the “Coulda, woulda, shouldas” as far as things on the front end that may or may not have been done, (like getting access to the true decision maker etc)  but that doesn’t help us right now if we are knee deep in a situation like this.

What’s an aspiring sales rock star to do?

1)    Take a chill: I’ve seen more sales people respond with something that creates a weird “did I just say that out loud” vibe. Be careful not to interrupt your prospect or go into aggressive mode. Patience grasshopper!

2)    Recognize this as a potential negotiation tactic. You know, when you’re led to believe that they just need to run it by their boss as a formality. Afterwards, they come back to you with something like “I thought for sure we had a deal but my boss says you need to shave x amount off of this in order for us to go ahead”

3)    Look your prospect in the eye(or both if they have two) and ask if they will be recommending you and your company. Watch their non verbal communication when you ask them this direct question. Did they break eye contact, shift body language, speed up their speech. I used to know someone who’s voice went up like 7 octaves when they were BS’ing so add that one to the list too. If your gut tells you “Houston we have a problem”, then ask them “Can you think of anything that would keep this from getting your boss’s seal of approval?” I ask the question this way to help my prospect save face. Perhaps they are uncomfortable with something and their boss becomes the convenient “out”. And should they tell you flat out that they are uncomfortable with something, congrats because you now have something specific to discuss to get this sale back on track! Side note: Let’s stop looking at objections as a bad thing!

4)    If they will, in fact recommend you, then ask them “Does your boss usually follow your recommendations?” Kind of hard to say “No” to that question without looking like a tool so let’s assume they give you a hearty “Hell yes!”

5)    Use the “Subject To” Close. This is a technique that negotiation expert, Roger Dawson recommends. He suggests saying something along the lines of  “Why don’t we go ahead and write up the paperwork ‘subject to’ your boss’s right to reject the proposal within 24 hours”

6)    Suggest something along the lines of “Why don’t we talk with your boss together” I like to use this question to test commitment and legitimacy. If you get a “No” then ask what you can do to help. Be prepared to provide additional evidence that could help your prospect sell this internally. Things like a case study, statistics, testimonials, facts etc.

7)    Tighten the leash with regard to time: Ask them when they plan on talking with their boss and when you can discuss the decision. If at all possible, try to have that as a “face to face” discussion. If the prospect has a tight deadline for the project, you can remind them of that and actually give them the date you would need to know by in order to honor the deadline.

8)    Reassure! If you conducted a thorough needs analysis and you either uncovered pain or opportunity, say something along the lines of “You know (name) I’m a big advocate of ‘if it aint broke don’t fix it’ and I want you to know that are several things you and I discussed that make this solution necessary. We’ve both done our due diligence but sooner or later we need to take that first step”

So there you have it, 8 things to do when someone suddenly needs to “Run it by my boss” but remember, you need to take steps on the front end (like getting access to their boss) so things like this are kept to an absolute minimum!


It’s Time To Hunt For Business Differently!

If you want different results when it comes to bringing in new business, then perhaps its time to try something different!

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A Quick Tip To Start Your Week Strong!

by Paul Castain on January 11, 2015

a quick tip from Paul Castain

This week, in less than 3 minutes, I offer 4 questions that could have a profound impact on your year and quite frankly, your life.

These 4 questions center around something that most people completely fail to do.

I know, because it took me the greater part of my life to finally OWN this lesson!

Wishing you all an AWESOME week ahead!

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The Enemy Within And The Enemy Outside

by Paul Castain on January 11, 2015

african proverb


There’s an old African proverb which states “When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you.”

It’s the kind of quote that you nod your head and agree with but then it sort of sucker punches you when you realize it has to do more with you than you care to admit.

We all have enemies within.

For some it’s fear,

For others it’s self doubt and continually second guessing one’s self,

Others it’s jealousy or perhaps some anger that’s being carried around like a thousand pound weight.

Who knows, maybe its simply you caring way too much about what people think of you and being accepted.

How To Find Your “Enemies”

I found mine somewhere around 2010.

Don’t get me wrong, I knew of them before then but the moment I thought about them, I’d conveniently decide to think about them “later”.

I found mine by dedicating time, each day to think about my life,

I knew my enemy was fear of starting another business so I began the first steps to facing my “enemy”

I gave serious thought to what I was scared of and why I was scared of it.

I caught myself rationalizing the fear so . . .

I decided to rationalize facing the fear and evicting it from my life.

A year later I eliminated the “enemy” by starting my business.

And that’s when I realized the true meaning of . . .

“When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you.”

For me, it boils down to how we internalize the world.

Good, bad and flat out ugly things will come our way in life from the outside but,

How we choose to deal with it on the inside ultimately makes the difference.

Do You Agree?

I’d like to hear your thoughts,

On January 20th, we’re going to be talking about your goals for 2015 and the things that can and will attempt to stop you from reaching them.

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