Us aspiring sales rock stars can be a proud bunch and as such we fail to do something that’s mission critical;

Ask for help!

We hesitate to ask other sales reps how they achieved a particular result because in doing so it sort of makes us feel inferior.

We fail to ask our manager for help because we don’t want to appear dependent or less “all knowing”!

We don’t ask the professionals for help because we feel it means we’re not good instead of simply wanting to get better.

It’s Your Ego’s Fault!

The ego is a wonderful thing for us sales folk!

It helps us with confidence, rejection and enables us to leap tall gatekeepers with a single bound but . . .

Too many times, it protects us from being human and vulnerable and . . .

Keeps us from learning and growing!

And you DO know that you have to keep learning and growing. Right?

But are you?

Sales Leaders: Make it easy for your team to approach you and better yet, ask them regularly how you can help them (make sure you mean it though) Keep your eyes and ears open for sales reps who aren’t asking for help but really need it.

Sales Reps: Get over yourself! Tell your ego to go wait in the car and then grow a set and start asking for help. Trying to go it along isn’t a strategy! Asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness nor is it an admission of failure . . . It’s simply an opportunity to get better! Don’t ever forget that!

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What Are You Doing With It All?

by Paul Castain on July 17, 2014

34 Gigabytes!

That’s how much content you consumed today according to a report published by the University of California, San Diego.

I wonder how much of that information is retained even a few hours later or better yet . . .

How much of the information turns into “action verbs” where we actually do something with it?

Action . . . It’s a good thing!

I help sales reps, sales leaders and business owners SELL MORE! Click HERE to download a FREE PDF to see how or simply email me when you’re ready to start playing for keeps!


Many people will judge you not only on what you’ve done but on what you haven’t done.

You know, silly things like being available to your team and helping them become the best version of themselves!

Removing non performers or even . . .

Removing people who perform but they are a detriment to the team! (also known as “assholes”)

They’ll judge you on those meetings that you never have or that training and support you never made available.

They’ll always judge you on the those things you promised to look into for them but you were just too “crazy busy” to keep your promise!

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in what we’ve done . . .

That we forget about the things we are failing to do!

Sadly,  the person signing your paycheck might not be aware of what you aren’t doing but . . .

The people you’re supposed to be leading always are!

Your Turn . . .

Do you think sales reps are aware of and even (dare I say) talk about the things that aren’t being done to support them?

I’d like to hear from both sales reps and sales leadership!

Thanks in advance for taking the time to comment!


Have We Forgotten That Sales Reps Need This Too?

by Paul Castain on July 16, 2014

When working with my business owner and sales leadership clients, we’ll do a periodic review of their comp plan to make sure that we’re on track with our objectives.

Sadly, most of these plans aren’t served up with a side order of “Atta boy” or “Atta girl”.

Some flat out tell me that if the money and perks they throw at them isn’t enough, they should put on their big girl panties and go somewhere else.

Others tell me that it isn’t fair to recognize only the sales department to which I typically offer a rather blunt “No sh*t! Feel free to start appreciating the rest of your team too!”

Writing the check is the easy part folks . . .

Taking the time to show sincere appreciation is where many of you are dropping the ball!

Oh, and let’s get something straight . . .

Don’t misinterpret what I just communicated as an invitation to relinquish your power by kissing your sales rep’s ass . . .

It’s simply an invitation to enhance your power by having a team of people who know their work is appreciated . . . beyond the check!

Your Turn . . .

Sales Reps: How important is it to you that you feel appreciated?

Sales Leaders/Business Owners: Please share with us how you show appreciation to your team; beyond the check.


The Time Is Right Now (Or Next Summer)

by Paul Castain on July 15, 2014

Sometimes we do a really good job of putting things off!

For some . . . it’s flat out denial that they are in need of something!

For others, there’s good intention but then a swarm of bright shiny objects come along and, well you know the rest.

For over 6 weeks now, I’ve been mentioning our online Sales Camp program and unfortunately, if you don’t sign up today, you miss out until next summer. We’ll get back that “next summer” thing in a moment!

If you feel this program is “Sales 101″ . . . Think again!

The content I’ll be sharing is anything but and as a bonus, I’ll be showing you how to marry it with all the newer tools like LinkedIn, Twitter etc . . . yep, the tools many of you have put off or written off as a fad!

But what if this program was “Sales 101″?

My feeling is that many of you are like the way I used to be (before I fell on my face in sales a long time ago) and aren’t doing all the things . . .

We love to label as basic!

My job, in this program is to not only teach you a few new approaches . . .

It will be to kick your ass and get you to do all the things you supposedly know so well that you don’t do!

Or you can wait until next summer when we offer it again but . . .

My guess is that there will be another excuse for you that keeps you from investing in yourself and;

The pricing will once again be higher (the price went up $100 from 2013 to 2014 and will be going up another $100 in 2015)

Click here to learn more about this online program and to reserve your seat before we close the doors later today.

Investing in yourself is never a bad thing!