For the last 16 years I’ve worked on my presentation skills to the point of obsession.

I’ve worked with coaches, participated in courses, modeled incredible speakers, read several books and probably practice more than the average speaker does.

Through it all, there’s one simple piece of advice I was given by my coach that has served me well for the better part of a decade now.

I can also tell you that this advice transcends beyond presentations and can be applied to client/prospect meetings, team meetings, cold calling, warm calling, and just about every area of life.

Before I tell you what it is, we have have a pinkie promise (or at least a high level promise) that you won’t dismiss this idea as basic or simple or simply not sexy or sophisticated enough.

Here it is . . .

Have fun!

Whenever I’d speak with my coach about an upcoming speaking gig or a meeting with a potential client, the last piece of advice she’d always give me was “Paulie, don’t forget to have fun with it”.

Whenever we’d do a run through of a keynote I was working on, she’d often stop me and ask “Paulie are you having fun?” I’d get pissed at her at say “Of course I’m having fun. What’s more fun than having a nasty old broad interrupt you to ask you a bullsh*t question?” Then she’d set me straight  by saying “Well you know you’re having fun but how about letting us know by smiling. You look like you lost your best friend up there today!”

Other times she would be at the back of the room and take her fingers and stretch a smile on her face to remind me to have fun and smile. No doubt a result of this women dropping way too much acid in the 60’s.

I fought her on this, because I felt I was too good, for simple advice that was the equivalent, of paying an expert top dollar, to have them tell you “Don’t forget to tie your shoes”.

It wasn’t until she showed me several video tapes of my sessions and turned the sound off that I realized how crappy my non verbal presentation was.

Reluctantly, I took her advice, and smiled more and injected more fun into my presentations. I found myself sharing laughs with my audience and was about a 1000 times more relaxed . . .

Which in turn made my audience more relaxed and in a better state to receive my message.

I began to notice that meetings with potential clients became less formal and more like a visit. I wasn’t closing more as a result but people sure were buying more.

This Part Is For The Skeptics

I’ve had a few people criticize this advice by telling me that it’s easy for me to be happy about what I do because I own the company.

My response . . .

“If YOU don’t like what YOU’RE doing, YOU have no business doing it!”

Your audience, whether it be a small committee, a large group, or even 1 person, can always spot someone who’d rather be someplace else.

And they have this crazy way of responding in kind!

Our Rock Star Academy Program Can Help!

How do you make an impact when you’re being judged by people who have about a 9 second attention span?

The short answer . . . It isn’t easy!

We’re going to be addressing this, big time, starting this Thursday (July 21), in our online sales training course.

Here’s what you’ll gain by joining us  . . .

  • How To Keep Someone’s attention With One Simple Tactic
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  • How To Keep The Discussion From Going Prematurely To Price (Fess up, you hate that, right?)
  • 10 Killer Ways To Create A “Doubt Resistant” Presentation (You do understand that most buyers are skeptical. Don’t you?)
  • How To Make The Intangible Benefits Of Your Solution Seem Way More Tangible (I can’t even begin to tell you how many people miss this one completely.)
  • The One Question You Absolutely Must Ask During Your Presentation (No it isn’t any of that “Always Be Closing” nonsense!)
  • Why “Death By PowerPoint” Is Bullsh*t And How You Can ROCK Their World With Yours
  • 3 Things To Include In Your Proposals That Your Competitors Won’t
  • 1 Deadly Tactic To Minimize Your Competition . . . Without Badmouthing!

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To Sell More You Had Better “Empty Your Cup”

by Paul Castain on July 18, 2016

Jim Lesko, is a member of our Sales Playbook community and recently asked me the following question;

How do we develop the motivation to make the things we learn, a part of our lives? So many people tell me, I KNOW THIS, then I think to myself, then why don’t you DO THIS?

So I decided to answer Jim’s question in this week’s episode of The Sales Playbook Podcast!

In this episode, I share my Accelerated Performance Framework which is designed to help you get the results you’re looking for.

I talk about the importance of a “humble student”mindset and how many sales reps are too arrogant to embrace it.

I talk about the traps that get in the way and what you can do about them.

I’m going to warn you, I take the gloves off during this episode.

And if bad language offends you, either accept my warning (not going to apologize) for saying the “S” curse, twice, or just come back next week.

There’s some tough love waiting for you this week folks;

So go ahead and “empty your cup” and give this week’s episode a listen!

Go ahead, I triple dog dare ya!

Download this episode (right click and save)

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find a way


When It Comes To Change, Most Buyers Are Skeptical

by Paul Castain on July 17, 2016

Do you think prospects have a natural tendency to doubt sales people and resist change?

Do you think they might be a little nervous to take a chance on something new . .

even if you’ve clearly articulated the value you bring to the table?

Here’s a thought . . .

You increase your ability to be believed when you prove the words you say!

Proving your words makes them harder to resist!

There are so many ways you can prove something when you are presenting your solutions . . .

Offer facts

Provide statistics and studies to back up your statements.

How about a good testimonial?

How about a video testimonial?

How about references?

A good old fashioned demonstration works too!

War stories rock  . . . especially when you know when to use them.

Samples and demos can help seal the deal!

Who says so besides you?

It’s a great question to ask yourself during your pre call planning preparation!

Don’t just prove it . . . Prove It Proactively!

Don’t wait for someone to call you out on your  statements or worse yet . . . sit there nodding their head, when they actually think you’re full of sh*t!

Prove it to them BEFORE they ask!


FYI . . .

I go into quite a bit of detail, on how you can proactively offer proof, in our upcoming Rock Star Academy program!

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Have You Been Losing Control Of Your Prospects?

by Paul Castain on July 17, 2016

I’ll ask the question again . . .

Have you been losing control of your prospects?

Do you even realize it when you have, or are you kidding yourself into thinking that everything is on track?

You obviously want to take control, but you don’t want to come across as controlling or manipulative.

You want to learn as much as you can about their needs, but you don’t want to turn that meeting into an interrogation.

You want to differentiate yourself from your competitors, but you don’t want to be salesy nor do you want to seem like you’re bad mouthing anyone.

And by the time you end that meeting, you’ll need to put some insurance policies in place to ensure things keep moving forward.

If you’re all over this, give yourself a High Five and don’t read any further.

For everyone else, Session 9 of our Rock Star Academy program has your name on it!

Here’s What You’re Going To Gain In This Session;

How To Stand Out And Force Your Competitors Into Playing A Defensive Game

One Question That Will Change The Trajectory Of Every Meeting

5 Types Of Questions You Need To Start Asking (And None Of That “Open/Closed Question” BS)

7 Insurance Policies You Need To Take Out In Every Meeting

How To Reduce The Probability Of A Prospect “Going Silent”

What To Do When You Find Yourself In A Highly Competitive Situation

What To Do When The Conversation Shifts Prematurely To Price

I’m also going to be sharing several templates to help you close more deals, win back ones you’ve lost etc.

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You’ve worked hard to get in front of your opportunities, and that’s why you need to take out a few “insurance policies”, to make sure your deals make it across the finish line.

In the final session of our upcoming Rock Star Academy program, we’re gonna “go there”!

Specifically . . .

  • How to get the right players to your meetings… my definition of the “right players” might surprise you.

  • How to establish your authority … BEFORE you even have your first meeting with your prospect. How to set the rules of engagement and outfox your competitors during highly competitive situations.

  • How to create a higher degree of urgency during the “courtship” and how to ask for the business WITHOUT any of those cheesy “closing lines”!

  • How to handle the price objection WITHOUT giving away the store and how to handle stalls like “I need to think it over” and “I need to run this by my boss”. And just for sh*ts and giggles, we might as well show you what to do when your prospect goes silent and stops responding to you.

  • How to position yourself for a “second chance” when you lose a deal!

  • A communication plan that begins when someone tells you “No thanks”.

I’m also going to be sharing several templates to help you close more deals, win back ones you’ve lost etc.

Registration is about to end for this program and its the only time we’re running it in 2016.

So right now, might be a good time to have a look and reserve your spot.

And I’ve made this much easier for everyone to attend by breaking this up into 3 easy payments.

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