A Simple Challenge For You Today

by Paul Castain on August 13, 2014

Do Something!

That means . . .

When you read something and it appeals to you . . .

Take some kind of action.

When you come across an idea or see something someone else is doing that makes sense;

Try it.

The world has quickly become a place where we consume massive amounts of information and then;

Promptly move on to the next gigabyte of information so . . .


Action is a good thing

Massive action is an awesome thing.

Doing nothing, well I’m of the opinion that you might just deserve better than that!


Before you go running off to read the next blog, email or dive headfirst into the information pool;


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How To Avoid Infrequent Prospecting

by Paul Castain on August 11, 2014

Things happen!

You get busy, there are fires to put out perhaps a little travel or maybe lots of travel but unfortunately; the result of all this is that you simply don’t prospect on a consistent basis!

This episode of The Sales Playbook Podcast is for you my friend!

This week, we’re going to talk about how you can get things back on track, without expending mucho time, that we all know, we simply don’t have!


Last Chance To Save $100

by Paul Castain on August 11, 2014

This evening we’re going to be pulling the plug on the $100 early registration discount for our online sales program.

I designed this course to help you develop a really strong system to generate more sales.

Here’s the plan . . .

Session 1: Meticulous Pre Call Planning. We’ll talk about 5 really bad “Google” mistakes most sales reps make and how you can use Pre Call Planning to warm up those “cold calls”!

Session 2: Prospecting Part I In this session, we’ll talk about  phone techniques, overcoming objections etc. We’ll even get into some really cool things you can do to help you with nervousness and call reluctance . . . You’re welcome!

Session 3: Prospecting Part II In this session, we’ll talk about how you can leverage things like email, social networks and creative things to help you stand out with your prospect’s!

Session 4: How To Create A More Productive Prospect Meeting. We’ll talk about how you can immediately take control of your meetings (without being controlling), an absolutely killer question you need to start asking and the 5 “insurance” policies you must take out during your time together! We’ll also talk about some really important stuff you need to do to keep your deal alive after that meeting ends!

Session 5: Determining Needs. You’ll learn 5 awesome questioning techniques with a guarantee from yours truly not to regurgitate any of that “open questions/closed questions” crap. Been there, done that and I bet you have too! Instead, I’ll show you how you can emotionally charge your prospects to get them off the old fence of “no decision” and over to something we like to call “A decision” I know . . . cool concept, this is why I make the big bucks!

Session 6: Presenting Your Solutions With IMPACT You’ll learn how to bring a certain part of your offering to life that 99.9% of the sales population misses entirely. We’ll talk about how you can eliminate  hesitations your prospect might have and maybe even set the rules of engagement  so your competitors have to play a defensive game!

Session 7: Gaining Commitment That old “Always Be Closing” thing is a tad antiquated these days so we’ll explore techniques designed to have them “buying” without you having to use any of that really awful “If I could show you a way to ___________ would you seriously consider . . . “ monkey style kung fu!

Session 8: Turning A “No” Into A “Yes” Let’s face it, as good as we all like to think we are, people are going to tell us “no”. Now what? I’ll give you a little hint (don’t tell anyone) You need a plan from the word “No” and Uncle Paul has you covered!

This program begins September 24th, right on your computer screen and today is actually the last day we are offering an early registration discount of $100.

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Before You Fire That Prospect . . .

by Paul Castain on August 11, 2014

When it comes to pursuing a prospect, I see lots people who give up way too early and you know what . . . I also see lots of people hanging on way too long.

Truth be told, I see both sides of this one because on one hand we don’t want to just give up. On the other hand, we don’t want to expend resources on something that just isn’t going to happen.

Kind of a damned if you do, damned if you don’t scenario . . . no?

Perhaps the answer lies in removing the extremes from our choices and selecting a safe middle of the road approach. That’s why, I don’t give up . . .

I alter the frequency of contact!

Perhaps I’ll call them twice a year unless one of my Google or SocialMention alerts tells me “Get in there now dude!”

This way, I’m not giving up while at the same time I’m not expending my resources on someone who has told me “No”.

Personally, I see no downside in continuing with a modified contact frequency.

Things have this crazy habit of changing and there is zero return on firing a prospect simply because they fired you. You’re the one who gets to say when it’s over!

Too many times we’re guilty of perceiving a “No” as a door slammed shut for all eternity. The sad part is that we fail to realize, that we in fact were the ones who welded the door shut . . . not the prospect!

Something to think about as you continue your journey to be that sales rock star you deserve to be!

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The Only “Motivational Speech” You’ll Ever Need

by Paul Castain on August 8, 2014

Stop looking for signs from the universe or for . . .

Others to help motivate you.

You already know what to do but . . .

Are you willing to do the hard part . . .

The part where you have to go out and get your uniform dirty?

You can ponder that and . . .

You can continue to wait for the universe, life or for your creator to deal you a better hand or . . .

You can get off your ass and simply get after it!

I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that the moping, complaining and feeling sorry for yourself thing is getting you a whole lotta nothing. No?

If you’re pissed and you’re fed up then do something about it already!

I know . . .

I have one hell of a nerve suggesting such a thing on a Friday during the summer!

There’s one thing I will never forget . . .

It was that evening, back in 1995 when I was working a night shift feeling sorry for myself pondering how I lost it all.

Cars, my business, $60,000 and most of all . . .

My dignity!

I decided that I had enough and that I was going to be a man and fight to get my life back.

I wish I knew the date of that decision because as far as I’m concerned  . . .

It was the day I decided to start living again!

I’m of the firm belief that life is much better that way!

But ultimately, it’s your decision!

I have a feeling someone needed to hear this today!

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