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The Prospecting Tactic That Resulted In Big Wins For Facebook, Sir Richard Branson, And Many Of Your Peers!

Posted August 9, 2020

Do you remember that movie about Facebook called “The Social Network”?

There was this scene depicting the early days of Facebook, where Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin explain to Sean Parker, how they were getting so many people to sign up for Facebook.

They would get universities on board within a geographical area and then reference those universities while targeting other universities in the same area.

They basically surrounded their target universities first with smaller colleges and then made their approach.

Sam Parker replied “It’s called the ‘Little Bighorn’. That’s smart Mark”.

Sir Richard Branson tells a story of how they used a similar approach during one of his first ventures, Student Magazine. When they would sign Coke, they’d immediately get on the phone to let Pepsi know.

People use this on me all the time by referencing other thought leaders who have agreed to do a webinar, write for their publication, etc.

There are two parts of the “Little Bighorn” tactic that make it really effective;

  1. Peer Pressure and Competitiveness
  2. Fear of Missing Out (FOMO). This is quite powerful right now with decision makers curious as to how their peers are navigating the pandemic.

Let’s take a look at how you might use this in sales.

Penetrating A Vertical

Once you sell one account in a vertical, go for the next one and reference the first.

Once you get a major account in that vertical, target other major accounts.

Note: We’re obviously aren’t giving away sensitive information here.

Fishing For Whales

Once you land one “whale account” go after another and reference the first one.

Penetrating An Existing Account

Once you get one division, one location, one product manager;

Approach the next one referencing how other divisions, locations, product managers are on board.

Don’t ever underestimate the competitive nature of a C-level contact and their need to;

Keep up with the proverbial “Joneses”

Stay informed and up to date and;

Their fear of missing out.

I devised an email template (called “The Little Bighorn”) to help you. I’ll be sharing during our 50 Ways To ROCK Your Cold Calls, Emails, and Sales Messaging webinar on August 27th.

Here’s what I’m going to share;

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  • 12 Ways To Convey A More Credible Message.
  • 3 Things You Can Do On LinkedIn To IMMEDIATELY Stand Out With Decision Makers. I’ll Even Throw In 10 Of The Email Templates I’m Using On LinkedIn.
  • How To Create A Very Different “Call To Action” Across Multiple Forms Of Messaging.
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  • How To Create A Prospecting Cadence That Mixes Multiple Forms Of Outreach.

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