Have You Entered The SNIOP Zone?

Posted April 30, 2012

In order to embrace today’s post you have to know what a “SNIOP” is! According to Zig Ziglar, a SNIOP is a person who is Subject to the Negative Influence of Other People! Things like . . . Letting others rain on your parade or Steal your joy or Gun down your ideas and the … continue reading »

My Decision To Face My Fears!

Posted April 29, 2012

Back in 2010 I set a goal to start utilizing video in my “Castain 2.0” branding strategy and guess what? I completely wussed out! I put it off, blew it off and always had really good reasons for not getting to it. Bottom line . . . I was scared folks! I was scared of … continue reading »

A Powerful Lesson . . .From Your Remote!

Posted April 26, 2012

Of all the places for us to get a lesson . . . Our remote? Yep and I thought I’d change things up and offer you a valuable lesson via a quick, 2 minute video I shot . . . especially for you. Well sort of, especially for you and anyone who actually takes the … continue reading »

Don't Let Idiots Derail Your Train Of Thought

Posted April 25, 2012

One of our Linkedin Group members posed an interesting question today. He was knee deep in an outbound call when a prospect randomly asked him a ridiculous question (that had nothing to do with what they were talking about) and then hung up on him before he could answer. It reminds me of one of my … continue reading »

Some Do's & Don'ts On Handling Price Objections

Posted April 24, 2012

Don’t do this: Don’t automatically respond with “how much higher?” or “where do we need to be on this?” Doing so relinquishes control, put’s you on the defensive, diminishes the value of your widget and as a bonus, you sound like everyone else! Put it into a context: Instead of defending your position, have the … continue reading »

"Business As Usual" Sucks!

Posted April 23, 2012

I might have caught you red freakin handed . . . Knee deep in doing what you’ve always done and perhaps being the creature of habit we all default to. STOP! Do something different to move yourself closer to your goals! Try something different! Challenge your default routine! Be willing to BE DIFFERENT and create … continue reading »

3 Reasons Why I Use A Headset

Posted April 22, 2012

There was a time when I didn’t believe in using headsets and in retrospect it was an “ego” thing. When I launched my business last year, I decided to lose the ego and suite up with proper phone gear. There are 3 reasons why I enjoy using a headset, let’s get the obvious one out of … continue reading »

How To Sound Unscripted With Your Prospects

Posted April 22, 2012

One of the biggest challenges many people have when “hitting the phones” is a little thing called “sounding scripted”. This week . . . we’re going there girlfriend! I offer several tips to help you lose the script Lose the whole sounding mechanical thing and . . . Increase your effectiveness on the phone! Why … continue reading »

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