The Quality That Sustains Sales Rock Stars

Posted June 30, 2012

By far one of the coolest things about my job is that I get to conduct best practices studies for organizations. The purpose of these studies is to flag the qualities of their sales rock stars and then create a series of repeatable steps to roll out for the rest of the sales force. There … continue reading »

The Parable Of The Repetitious Sermon

Posted March 5, 2011

Tony Robbins tells the story of this Priest who delivered the same sermon Week after week . . . after week! After a few weeks of this, a few members of the parish approached the priest and brought it to his attention. Respectfully of course! The priest heard them out, smiled and said . . … continue reading »

Have You Learned Your Lesson?

Posted November 28, 2010

I remember hearing something a while back that went something like: In every situation there could be a  “Yes” meaning things turned out the way we planned There could be a “No” meaning things didn’t turn out the way we planned The most important thing is “The Lesson” meaning what we take from the situation. … continue reading »

75 Qualities Of Sales Rock Stars!

Posted November 1, 2010

A few days back I asked our readers “What are the qualities of a rock star sales person?” Between the responses on the actual blog and additional emails, I was able to compile a list of over 75 qualities and have prepared a cool PDF for you which we’ll discuss in a moment. If you … continue reading »

The Day I "Picked" The Lesson!

Posted July 21, 2010

I sat there, guitar in hand, with a rather smug look on my face. I was eager to tell the “Master” that I had in fact figured it all out. Imagine that, Uncle Paul 20 years young and the keeper of the shortcut to end all shortcuts! I told my teacher that the secret to … continue reading »

One Methodology To Rule Them All . . . I Think Not!

Posted July 6, 2010

Every now and again, a discussion (and a rather heated one at that) shows its face in the sales circles. The question itself is innocent enough but the waters ahead turn into rapids and the discussion may turn treacherous. I’m referring, of course to the old “Which is the best sales methodology” question. Invariably you’ll … continue reading »

The Dude, The Dog & The Sale!

Posted January 28, 2010

Once upon a time, in a sales bull pen far, far away, there lived a dude, who had a rare gift. He was blessed with the ability to point his finger and label common knowledge as “common sense”. He would show up reluctantly to the weekly sales meeting and indulge in “outer body experiences” Why? … continue reading »

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