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The 5 Understandings Of Value

Posted January 19, 2013

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We often talk about “providing value” “giving value” “offering value” and sprinkle in some “value added” for good measure.

Meanwhile . . . we could be missing the whole point!

This week, we’re tackle 5 things that you need to understand when it comes to value!

Here’s what you’ll learn during today’s podcast . . .

Where and when an obsession with price, price objections and negotiations can enter the picture in sales.

How most people misunderstand what’s truly valuable and a questioning sequence that will help you assess value.

One easy to use question to help you and your prospect get to a value discussion quicker.

A really cool formula for creating value.

How you can, and why you must “connect the dots” for your clients/prospects when it comes to value.

How value can be missed and forgotten.

Why waiting to offer a “value added” experience might be too late and how you can front end that bad boy.

Value should not be assumed and then delivered in bulk

Additional Resources To Support Today’s Podcast . . .

1)   How to use stop, start and continue questions.

2)  You must challenge what you do otherwise you might just be defaulting to The First Time.

3)   One easy to use question at the beginning of your meetings.

4)   How to position yourself as a resource (another way of adding value)

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