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A Different Type Of “Call Burst”

Posted August 16, 2019

When we talk about “call bursts” in prospecting, we are referring to a predetermined number of consecutive calls we are going to make before setting the activity aside for a bit.

So the “burst”, in this context, is really referring to the number of consecutive calls.

From a productivity standpoint this is a fantastic approach, but;

There’s actually a way to make it MORE productive!

What if you were to refine those “bursts”?

2 quick examples;



So if I know I’m going to be calling Houston Texas today, I can look up things that are going on in the area, the weather, I can take a quick trip over to LinkedIn to see if there’s a hot, local, topic people are discussing in the InHouston group, I can have some local examples of work I’ve done for Houston companies, perhaps a relevant story, a local testimonial ready to be emailed at a moments notice, etc

I can use the same approach if I’m doing a “Vertical Call Burst”.

I can change the language of my opening statement to reflect industry language. I can ask more targeted questions since I’m focusing on the industry instead of 20 calls, 12 different industries.

I can have industry specific testimonials, analogies, stories, examples, stats, studies and lots of industry specific “evidence”.

So not only can I be more productive by making a predetermined number of calls;

I can save a ton of time by focusing my tactics instead of being all over the place geographically and vertically.

Make sense?

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