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Why You Absolutely MUST Fire Some Prospects

Posted July 17, 2018

Sometimes our inner competitor gets the best of us!

We’re so busy trying to meet a prospect’s requirements that;

We miss the fact that they’ve fallen short on ours!

That’s why you have to know, beyond a shadow of a doubt;

What’s Out Of Bounds?

Sometimes the scope of work ISN’T going to be a good fit.

Perhaps their expectations aren’t reasonable?

Unwilling to abide by your company’s terms, payment policies, etc. I mean, sh*t, you’re allowed to have requirements too, right?

Maybe they create a tremendous amount of unnecessary work for you and your team.

Sometimes it just isn’t worth it financially.

Cultural fit?

Uncooperative and difficult?

Maybe you’re dealing with a real dick?

Let’s Be Clear About Something . . .

This ISN’T an excuse to get rid of of a prospect every time we get our wittle feelings hurt. Seriously, if you have a thin skin, get out of sales!

It’s simply a reminder that;

Prospects judge you and you get to judge back!

And crappy courtships typically lead to crappier marriages so cut your losses early.

Assignment: Spend some quiet thinking time defining what’s “Out of bounds for you and your company”.

Set it aside and then revisit the question a day or two later. Just make sure your ego doesn’t influence your answer 🙂


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