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An Annoying Cold Calling Tactic You Should Avoid

Posted February 28, 2019

You call a potential client and it goes to voicemail. What do you do?

Don’t “double tap” them!

A “double tap” is when you call, it goes into voicemail, and then you immediately call back.

“Experts” will tell you that you dramatically increase your connect rate but, I’m here to tell you that;

You dramatically increase your “pain in the ass” factor!

I can tell you firsthand from the perspective of a small business owner that it’s needy, desperate, and intrusive!

Let’s play a game . . . 

It’s called the “I’m really f’n busy” game.

Please allow me to tell you about it with the utmost degree of sarcasm.

I want you to imagine being really busy.

In the middle of juggling and inordinate amount of tasks, the phone rings.

You check the Caller ID, you don’t recognize the number, you let it go to voicemail;

So you can keep trying to dig yourself out of the day’s work.

A few seconds later, the phone rings, AGAIN, and you notice that it’s from the same number.

Tell me you wouldn’t want to answer the phone yelling “WHAT?”.

And let’s say you took your meds that day and you just answer your phone thinking it must be important.

Then you find out its someone trying to sell you something and they had to interrupt what you were doing (TWICE) to do it!

Kind of reminds me of being a kid and asking your parents for something when they were in a sh*tty mood.

Here’s a crazy thought . . .

When you call a potential client and it goes to voicemail;

Leave a message or;

Don’t leave a message, but;

Don’t call back a few seconds later thinking you’re bringing value to the courtship!

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