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Carpet Bombing Your Prospects With Messaging vs Complete Avoidance

Posted May 7, 2020

These are truly interesting times for sales reps!

You have those who are carpet bombing the sh*t out of their prospects with sales messaging and;

You have those who have tapped out and gone into hibernation because they feel this is the wrong time to sell.

Needless to say, both of these extremes will hurt YOU right now.

I’m in a unique position to see it all first hand because not only do I work with sales reps and see HOW they’re prospecting right now;

I’m also a business owner and I actually experience HOW they’re prospecting right now.

Bombarding a prospect with sales messaging is going to annoy the sh*t out of your prospects and have you come across as insensitive and quite DESPERATE.

Disappearing at a time like this makes you nonexistent to your prospect. And not just for the time you avoid them;

The time it’s going to take after that to rebuild PROPINQUITY!

That’s why you should have already changed your prospecting cadence, and if you haven’t;

You really need to!

As I’ve mentioned before, there are 5 components of your prospecting plan that need to be retooled during Covid-19.

Your message

The vehicle you use to deliver the message (phone, email, LinkedIn, etc)

Space between each message

Total number of attempts

How long you will pursue the prospect

And instead of the extremes of carpet bombing with messaging or avoiding because you think it’s inappropriate for the wheels of commerce to keep moving;

How about an approach that falls somewhere in the middle?

That’s what we’re going to discuss during our prospecting webinar, one week from today!

This webinar is for you if you’d like some fresh ideas for prospecting during Covid-19

If you’ve been struggling with WHAT to say at a time like this.

Want to provide value during these challenging times WITHOUT giving away the proverbial store, and;

You’d really like to get in front of MORE opportunities!

Have you signed up yet?

Here’s what you’ll gain access to;

  • 10 Ways To Add Value. The big advice right now is to “be kind” and “add value” but how do you do that while trying to get in front of MORE opportunities? I’m going to include actual examples that I’ve been using as well as examples from your peers!
  • 2 Messaging Tactics You Need To Leverage ASAP! Times have changed and therefore your sales messaging must change too!
  • 3 “Covid-19” Specific Phone Scripts. Don’t even think about cold calling the same way you always have!
  • 10 “Covid-19” Specific Email Templates. Want to stand out with your emails WITHOUT coming across as an insensitive ass? I got you covered!


May 14th from 11:30 am – 12:30 pm EST.


Can’t join us live? Sign up anyway and you’ll receive the webinar replay and all the extras listed below!

What’s Included?

(1) 60 Minute Webinar

Webinar Replay

(3) “Covid-19” Phone Scripts

(10) “Covid-19” Email Templates

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