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Could You Sell MORE Under These Circumstances?

Posted August 8, 2018

What if you had an arsenal of emails that enabled you to keep a potential client interested enough;

To keep reading them?

Do you think it would help you stand out from all the other reps out there who only have maybe, 2-3 different emails at best?

Tomorrow, at 11:30 am EST, I’ll begin to share 50 of my email templates during our 50 Emails (and templates) To Help You ROCK Your Sales webinar!

Here’s a sneak peak of the types of emails I’m going to share;

  • The one email that generated 40 sales for me over a weekend.
  • 3 emails that have over an 85% response rate, EVERY time I send them.
  • 2 emails that dramatically increase referrals.
  • 8 emails that convince.
  • 10 relationship building emails your competitors miss completely!
  • 2 types of humanized emails your peers are using with great success. When I show you what they’re doing, you’ll wonder how you could have missed it!
  • The followup email you should be sending after EVERY meeting.
  • The email that has consistently generated 3 phone appointments for me, each week, since 2010.

The first session is delivered live on August 9th (TOMORROW) and the second session is prerecorded so you can go at your own pace.

Have you signed up yet?

Better do it TODAY, otherwise . . .

You’re about to miss;

  • 3 Ways To Build Your Own Email List (And Actually Have The Recipient Request To Be On It)
  • The One Type Of Email Most Reps Never Even Think Of Sending (That Costs Them Business)
  • How To Get Your Email Opened (Without Being Sleazy) Note: 79% of sales emails aren’t even opened.
  • Three Powerful Ways To Make Your Email Extremely Relevant To The Recipient.
  • How To Use “Speed Bumps” To Capture Someone’s Attention Within The Email.
  • 10 Emails (With Templates) That I Personally Use To Build Rapport, Credibility, and Demonstrate Expertise.
  • 2 Call To Actions That Result In More (Get This) ACTION From The Recipient
  • How To Create Mini Email Campaigns WITHOUT Having To Trade Places With The Marketing Department
  • How To Vary The “Flavor” Of Your Emails (40 Examples and Templates Will Be Shared In Session II)
  • 8 Types Of Emails That Convince (With Templates)
  • The Follow Up Email You’ve Been Forgetting To Send
  • The “Promise” Technique and Why It Works With Prospects and Clients.
  • The Visual Technique Your Peers Are Using To Humanize Their Emails (It’s Not What You’re Thinking)
  • A 3 Step Technique That Effortlessly Combines LinkedIn, Snail Mail, and Email.
  • The One Email That Seriously Expedites Referrals. Yep, I’ll Send You The Template Too!
  • The 4 Types Of “Value” Emails (With Templates).

What Do You Get?

(2) 90 minute training sessions with actionable tips and tactics. No fluff in my programs!

Webinar Replay (Attend Live, View The Replay, I Won’t Tell Anyone)


50 Email Templates

Email Access To Me So You Can Send Me Your Emails For Review, Bounce A Webinar Related Idea Around, Etc

How Much?


“I took Paul’s email course and the value is unsurpassed. Well worth the investment.”

Jim Lesko, President, Lesko Industries Inc

Please click HERE to join us but you had better do it ASAP because registration ends tomorrow!


… and never miss a beat!
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