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Doing Your Administrative Tasks On Friday? Think Again!

Posted June 14, 2019

I speak with a lot of sales reps who feel Fridays and/or Mondays are good for “admin”.

I’m not sure that I agree!

I think we can designate blocks of time for admin but I’m a tad selfish with my selling time.

I don’t ever want to dedicate a full day to anything that isn’t . . .

Helping me get a new account

Wowing my existing accounts

Growing my existing accounts

Admin is important and we can certainly pose a great argument that it supports those 3 things but;

Sometimes “Admin” Becomes AVOIDANCE!

Also, and forgive me for being insensitive to the fact that we all have a life outside of work, but;

I can do a lot of that stuff before and after hours  but the calling, meeting and interacting with people to;

Get new accounts

Wow existing accounts

Grow existing accounts

Is easier to do during “game time” each day because that’s when the highest volume of prospects and clients are available.

Once you get to the point that you can truly justify trashing an entire day as an “admin day” then you should start considering hiring an assistant so you can focus on, wait for it;

Getting new business

Wowing existing business

Growing existing business

And speaking of Getting new business, Wowing existing business, and Growing existing business;

Our 2019 Virtual Sales Camp focuses on those 3 areas and it’s ready for instant download!

Here’s A Session By Session Breakdown;

Session 1 How To REALLY Get A Decision Maker’s Attention

  • The one phrase that will immediately set you apart from your competitors.
  • How to dramatically increase the probability of a decision maker taking your call.
  • 5 email tactics your peers are using to stand out. BONUS PDF: 10 email subject lines that lead to MORE opens and MORE responses.
  • How to leverage “summer messaging” to stand out while your competitors slack.
  • 15 ways your peers are using creativity to get in the door. BONUS PDF with 20+ additional ways you can use creativity to capture a decision maker’s attention.

Session 2 Multi-Channel Prospecting

  • 4 LinkedIn tactics EVERY sales reps should leverage.
  • 2 ways to create WARM calls instead of cold calls.
  • 2 referral sources you’ve completely neglected.
  • 5 ways to use snail mail to set yourself apart.
  • 2 email tactics that generate appointments.
  • BONUS: 50 cold email templates.
  • 5 ways to use a “reverse call to action” to create interest.
  • How to create a “3 touch mini campaign” and a multi-channel prospecting cadence.

Session 3 Maximizing Account Potential

  • The one mistake that hurts your clients and your paycheck!
  • A 3 step questioning technique that helps safeguard your accounts, generate more opportunities, testimonials, and referrals.
  • How to get the inside track on new opportunities.
  • How to get access to additional stakeholders WITHOUT offending your contact.
  • How to expand to additional locations, divisions, etc.
  • How to add value via ideas, surprises, and resources.
  • BONUS PDF: A Stay In Touch Cadence To Help You Stay “Top Of Mind” With Your Clients.

Session 4 Expediting Your Deals

  • How to take immediate control of your deals WITHOUT being controlling or manipulative. BONUS PDF: How To Take Immediate Control Of Your Prospect Meetings.
  • 8 ways to safeguard your deals and keep them moving forward.
  • How to leverage the “theme and variation” tactic.
  • How to preempt and respond to obstacles, stalls, and objections.
  • 3 tactics to use if you feel you’ve been “ghosted”.
  • BONUS PDF: 100 Sample Questions To Ask Your Prospects.


Download it instantly. Once you receive the course, feel free to go at your own pace!

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