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What EVERY Sales Leader Should Know About Sales Kick-Off Meetings

Posted August 24, 2018

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Today’s blog post is geared to those who lead a sales team. If that isn’t you, could you forward this along to your VP of Sales?

Here are a few quick thoughts to help you plan a sales kick-off that kicks ass!

Talk About Issues That Matter To Your Team

How do you know what matters to them? How about asking them. I know, this is why I make the big bucks!

In addition, have them all fill out this checklist. It will give you thoughts on topics that are meaningful to your sales team.

Make It Interactive!

Sales reps don’t want to be preached to, spoken at and lectured endlessly.

You’ll want to have plenty of discussions and encourage an environment where reps WANT to contribute.

Your team will also find it a hell of a lot more interesting and you’ll have less “outer body experiences”.

I use a simple formula during my talks to make it interactive. Email me and I’ll send it to you.

Hire A Speaker Who Offers Actionable Tips, NOT A “Rah/Rah” Session!

Pumping up the troops is important but you need to understand that without actionable tips and how to’s, it doesn’t last very long.

Oh, and while we’re at it, tell them to go light on the philosophical stuff too!

There needs to be an emphasis on actionable tips and tactics!

Note: To learn about my keynote speaking approach, topics and availability, please click HERE.

Get The Action Verbs Flowing At The End Of The Meeting

At the end of my training programs, I always have the participants create a quick plan based on what they just learned.

Otherwise, I just entertained a bunch of people instead of helping them to kick ass.

Pair Them Up As “Accountability Partners”

People love to talk about conquering the world when they are all hyped up at a meeting.

Pairing them up ensures that they at least put in the effort once they get back home.

Create A Communication Plan To Keep The Ideas Alive

Most training is forgotten about by the time the participants get to the airport.

Create a plan to keep the ideas alive.

Include things like;

Reinforcement Emails

“At A Glance” PDFs

Short Webinars and Videos

Progress Reports From The Team During Meetings and One on Ones

Assigning Teammates Assignments

Having Teammates Present On Topics Discussed

That’s it for now.

More to come on this subject!

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