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How To Find Potential Clients Predisposed To Say Yes

Posted December 27, 2017

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Imagine if your car happened to break down on the highway and I pull up in my “Paul’s Repair Service” truck.

How Likely would you be to reject me?

Wouldn’t it be great if we could find prospects with that type of urgency?

The good news is that we actually can when we find “Trigger Events”

A “trigger event” is something that’s going on in your potential client’s world, that leads to a higher probability of them needing what you sell, right now!

Example: You sell printing and you notice that a company is relocating.

That’s a “trigger event” because they’ll probably need to update their collateral with the new address.

For me, a trigger event could be a company that’s hiring sales reps.

Those sales reps need to be trained and guess what I sell?

Here are a few generic “trigger events” to get you thinking;

Companies that are hiring, new decision maker, changes in company strategic initiatives, events, earnings good or bad, product launches, online reviews, PR news releases.

Think about the “trigger events” that are relevant to you and your potential clients because;

If you’d like to experience less no’s;

Start with someone predisposed to say YES!

We’re going to be discussing over 30 different types of trigger events (and how to leverage them) during our How To Find The Opportunities Your Competitors Miss webinar, tomorrow, December 28th, at 11:30 am EST.

Here’s what you’ll discover by joining us;

  • 20 Places and Approaches Where The Fruit Hangs Lowest
  • 30 “Trigger Events” And How To Leverage Them
  • A Really Cool “Set It And Forget It” Tactic Where Opportunities Come To You
  • A Really Simple Communication Tactic That Will Set You Apart
  • 2 New Years Specific Tactics That Your Competitors Will Fail To Leverage.


TOMORROW, December 28th, at 11:30 am EST (When most of your competitors are slacking)

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